Riders rescued after being stranded atop California roller coaster

A dozen riders were stranded for nearly two hours atop a newly built roller coaster in California before the ride was repaired and rolled the amusement park-goers safely to the ground.

The Superman Ultimate Flight roller coaster stopped at about 2:30 p.m. PT Sunday at the top of the ride, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom spokeswoman Nancy Chan told the Vallejo Times-Herald.

Local firefighters were called in and used a special crane and bucket to bring water to the stranded riders. The contraption could have been used to bring down the roller coaster riders if the coaster wasn't restarted, Vallejo Fire Department Battalion Chief Ray Jackson said.

But eventually, the workers got the cars unstuck and they rolled backward along the tracks to the ground.

There were no injuries reported.

It was unclear what caused the two-car train to stop.

"If (a ride) stops, it usually detects something and it stops for safety reasons," Chan said.

Chan told the Times-Herald that the ride will be closed for a thorough safety inspection, and it will reopen when the inspection is completed, at an undetermined time.

The ride, which opened June 30 at the Vallejo theme park, can travel up to 62 mph. It holds two cars with six riders each. Parts of the ride include the cars being tilted upside down.

Luckily, the riders weren't stuck in that position.