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Dirk Nowitzki gives Conan O'Brien a Texas-styled civics lesson (Video)

With Conan O’Brien interloping on the Republic of Texas for a series of shows pitched in the town hosting this week’s NCAA tournament, it’s only natural he try to engage with the locals by chewing the fat with one of their native sons. As it happens, Willie Nelson is out on tour and Tommy Lee Jones had some kittens to growl at, so Mavericks legend and “I can’t imagine leaving” Dallas adopted son Dirk Nowitzki came onto Conan’s set to grill Mr. O’Brien about the great state of Texas.

The pairing worked. Watch:

Solid Tony Romo burn, “Berlin Tall.”

Nowitzki appeared on the show with the fabulous and hilarious Tig Notaro, and the program also featured Adam Sandler, who is for some reason still allowed to make movies. The back and forth also provided Dallas Mavericks fans with what should be their new go-to computer wallpaper:

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