• David Slate, Contributor

    Spending the winter holiday in New York City can be a memorable and magical experience, but usually not for the weather alone, as travelers have experienced this week.

    Tiny white and jewel-toned lights dot the avenues, and shop windows cry out for a glance with their intricate and spirited displays. Everywhere in the city are the signs and the spirit of the season. Bells ring, singers sing, and the air is just, well... so cold.

    Your warmed heart can help comfort you in the chilly air though, or you can just blend in and wear a giant puffy coat. However you prevent the gusts of snow and chill this holiday season in NYC, you can't say you didn't know it was coming.

    Despite predictions for a balmier winter this season, the Boxing Day blizzard greets us can with the usual icy states.

    The the past, conditions have varied, some with temperatures occasionally dropping into the upper 20s in December and mid-20s in January. It has also risen into the low

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  • Jess Wisloski, Yahoo! Local editor

    News Analysis

    Rising rents have changed the Lower East Side over the years, but a set of longtime Ludlow Street establishments will be the most recent casualty, Gothamist reported this week.

    In January, the neighborhood bids farewell to two grandfather tenants, gallery and bar Max Fish and Pink Pony's "Cafe Litteraire & Cine Club." [The landlord, Gothamist discovered, was not aware of the departures.]

    Both places nurtured a relationship with the local creative types of the Lower East Side, as the Observer's Nate Freeman reports, and it flourished as those types attracted the other types - their fans, friends, and followers.

    In the days before Cake Shop or Pianos, and well before Arlene's Grocery faded into the mix of Rivington Street's many attractions, I remember when the bars and eats in the tagged-and-tattooed neighborhood were fewer and farther between.

    In 2000, I was an NYU film school kid, and Ludlow St. was increasingly the happening place.

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  • How to really enjoy autumn in New York City

    Lance Martin, Associated Content

    Autumn in New York is different than autumn anywhere else.

    Even while singing its praises, stars have themselves wondered aloud why autumn in New York "seems so inviting," as the famous Billie Holiday song goes. One cannot deny that inviting is an overriding quality of the city, with the fall colors, the holiday decorations and all the events that present ample opportunity for New Yorkers to get out and really experience their city at its best.

    Autumn is when New York City shines the brightest and puts on the biggest shows. If you have any doubt, or need some ideas for getting out in the city more this autumn, read on.


    Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - One of the most recognizable and watched holiday events in all the world, the Thanksgiving Day Parade is an experience no New Yorker should miss. This year marks the 84th annual parade on Nov. 25 at 9 a.m., and millions will be watching on TV while you can be there in person! But do get

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