• Millionaires collect unemployment benefits

    By Mike Taylor
    The Observer - Wall Street

    A look through IRS tax data reveals that 2,840 households with annual income in excess of a million dollars collected unemployment benefits, taking in a total of $18.6 million in aid. That's about $6550 per millionaire household. Among the millionaires who went on the dole, 806 made $2 million or more a year, and 17 nitwits with incomes above $10 million collected unemployment.

    On one hand, it sucks to lose your job no matter how much money you had been making, and everyone pays for unemployment benefits. Or, as one expert told Bloomberg:

    "Getting an insurance payment doesn't depend on need but only on suffering an insured loss," said Roberton Williams, a senior fellow and expert on tax policy at the Urban Institute, another Washington policy research organization. "We don't say that your homeowners' policy shouldn't pay off if you're a millionaire."

    On the other hand, what kind of bonehead who made more than $10 million — ever, in his or her life — can

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  • DNAinfo.com logo

    By Leslie Albrecht, DNAinfo Reporter/Producer

    UPPER WEST SIDE — Police say they've nabbed the thieves who were snatching wallets from older women on Upper West Side buses.

    Detectives caught up with the thieves, a team of two men and one woman, on Aug. 27 at a Brooklyn Macy's when they tried to use a stolen credit card to buy an iPod from a vending machine, police said.

    Monica Marconi, 44, and John Simmons, 40, both Brooklyn residents, and Paul Walker, 43, of the Bronx, were arrested on suspicion of grand larceny and posession of stolen property, according to NYPD.

    The 20th Precinct's commanding officer Captain Christoper McCormack announced the arrests at a community council meeting this week.

    Detectives believe the alleged thieves were responsible for a spike in pickpocketing incidents involving older women on buses in the 20th Precinct this year. All of the victims were women older than 60.

    Many of the thefts happened on the M104 bus, which runs on Broadway from Harlem to

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  • Harlem tailor looking for a few good men

    Jeff Mays
    DNAInfo Reporter/Producer

    HARLEM Marion Anderson is looking for a few good men to train in the art of being a tailor.

    It all started on election day when Anderson, who operates the Manhattanville Needle Trade School on the first floor of his brownstone on West 141st Street, saw a group of young men with their pants hanging below their waists handing out fliers.

    Did they know that the style of sagging pants they were wearing originated in prison, Anderson asked? Yes, they said. But that was the fashionable way to wear pants.

    Fed up, Anderson had an idea.

    Harlem tailor wants apprentices

    "I said: 'I am on a campaign to end this fad. I will teach any young man to design a garment they can wear properly so long as they abandon that style,'" Anderson said. "Our young men need this exposure. They have a vacuum in their minds where this prison mentality is filling in. Clothing is a basic need. There is no reason it can't be incorporated into youth development."

    Anderson, a native of Charleston,

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