• Sebastian Junger on Why Soldiers Miss War

    “The soldier’s experience in war is inherently powerful.”

    It was to capture that experience that journalist Sebastian Junger embedded for a year with a platoon of U.S. soldiers in one of the most remote and dangerous outposts in Afghanistan. Together with the late photojournalist Tim Hetherington, Junger directed the Oscar-nominated 2010 documentary Restrepo with the intention of giving viewers a firsthand look at the war. The follow-up is Korengal, releasing on May 30, a film which goes even deeper into the war experience, capturing the psychology of the soldiers, especially why they would miss war.

    “They come home, and of course they don't miss getting shot at, they don't miss having to shoot at people,” Junger explained. “But what they do miss is that brotherhood of combat. It's not replaceable back home and I think that's the sort of secret to understanding why soldiers can miss something as terrible as war is.”

    While he and Hetherington were embedded with the soldiers in the

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  • Why Dolly Parton Goes to Bed in Full Makeup

    When you meet Dolly Parton, you can’t help but wonder where the natural ends and the man-made begins. While she’s never been shy about crediting doctors and makeup artists for giving her what God left out, the depth of her sweetness and sincerity seems almost supernatural.

    But spend a few minutes chatting with her, and once your eyes focus directly into hers and beyond some of her more ubiquitous assets, you discover there is an abundance of realness that outshines those glossy pink lips.

    For a woman universally known, floating between generations and musical genres, Dolly knows what it’s like to be an outcast. She was taunted in school for her ambitions to become a famous singer, and was ridiculed for her poverty, which she later celebrated in her favorite song, “Coat of Many Colors.”

    When she was a child, Parton was given a patchwork coat sewn from scraps of cloth, that her mother had labored over. Eager to show it off at school, Parton’s pride was shattered when kids teased her

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