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  • Holy receipt!

    Jesus and the Virgin Mary have "appeared" on everything from grilled cheese to rocks.

    But in his most recent appearance, Jesus is showing that even the son of the Big Man has economic issues on the brain: A South Carolina couple claims that the good lord Jesus appeared on a receipt from a recent trip to Wal-Mart.

    Jacob Simmons and Gentry Lee Sutherland had just returned home from church (interesting connection, no?), and found what looked like the face of Christ BURNED into the receipt.

    Maybe next time, he can make an appearance on the bazillion-dollar tab we've got running on Capitol Hill and save us from that.

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  • Last month, New York became the sixth state to allow gay marriage. This Sunday marks the first day gays can legally wed and New York City officials were flooded by more than 1,700 wedding applications for just that day.

    To deal with the overwhelming response, the city established a lottery that will choose 764 couples to be married Sunday; winners will be announced on Friday. On Monday, wedding ceremonies will be "first come, first served" at city clerk offices around the five boroughs.

    For couples who don't win a spot in NYC should head north: The suburb of Greenburgh is offering wedding services at Town Hall, as well as special festivities to celebrate the historic day.

    Are you getting married on Sunday? Do you live in a state that allows gay marriage and have already wed? Are you waiting for your state to legalize gay marriage? Then Yahoo! News and the Yahoo! Contributor Network want to hear your story: Sign up to the Yahoo! Contributor Network and tell us what gay marriage means to

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  • What’s next for America’s aspiring astronauts?

    Click image to view photos of space travel's past, present and future. (AFP)Click image to view photos of space travel's past, present and future. (AFP)

    The U.S. space shuttle Atlantis is seen with from the International Space Station. REUTERS/NASA TV/Handout

    (This report is the third and final in a Yahoo! News series on the shutdown of the space shuttle program.)

    When Atlantis lands at Cape Canaveral on Thursday, back from the very last mission to the International Space Station, 20-year-old Amanda Premer will be getting ready to move to Houston.  The fourth-year aerospace engineering major is headed to Johnson Space Center's Cooperative Education program, where she will be alternating her last semesters at Wichita State University with three "work tours" at the NASA site. She hopes to secure a full-time job with NASA.

    "I want to be an astronaut," said Premer, who has spent the last four summers working at the Cosmosphere space camp in Hutchinson, Kan. "Even though NASA doesn't have anything lined up to follow the shuttle program, the world's always going to need astronauts. And I'd like to be one of them."

    As NASA's 30-year space shuttle program draws to a close, the next generation of aspiring astronauts and talented aerospace engineers

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