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Born to Dance: The Breakdancing Kid

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To quote the Talking Heads, this ain't no party, this ain't no disco …

If you thought -- as many do -- that breakdancing died alongside parachute pants in the 1980s, you're in for an eye-popping awakening.

The dancers call themselves "Bboys," but most are grown men. Except one … the little guy who schools them all, when he's not in school. Jalen Testerman is a 12-year-old, head-spinning phenomenon whose parents say he was born to dance.

“I came home one day and he was like, ‘Hey Dad watch this.’ And he did some breakdance moves and did a headspin. And I remember laughing and being like that's cute. But don't ever do a headspin again because you can break your neck,” recalled his father, Rick Testerman.

That's when Jalen was just five and was hooked on dance scenes he'd seen in the movie "You Got Served."

He didn't listen to his parents, danced his way straight out of diapers and got so good, so fast, he was soon on Oprah Winfrey’s show.

Jalen lives south of Seattle and goes by the name "J-Styles" -- and as 12-year-olds go – he has plenty. His signature move is skidding across the floor balanced on his head, the kind of thing you'd expect to see in a cartoon.

“Nightline” spent three days with him and his family, shuttling between school and practice, leading up to a big competition. We wanted to find out what turns a normal kid into an unstoppable acrobat, who’s won competitions and traveled the world, from France to Korea.

Watch the video above and you’ll be surprised to know he’s never even had a gymnastics class.

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