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Killer Tornadoes: How Families Survived

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Thousands of homes destroyed, and at least 34 lives lost across 6 states after this week’s deadly tornadoes. Now, as families dig through the tornadoes' rubble, there's insult added to injury for some. Personal items, stolen.

Late yesterday afternoon, tornadoes were still firing up over North Carolina and Illinois.
Some families starting to recover and beginning to rebuilt, others planning funeral for sons and daughters.

One of them, 21 year-old John Servati - he was taking shelter in his basement when a retaining wall fell on top of him.

In Tupelo, Mississippi, it was meteorologist Matt Laubhan's quick thinking that brought viewers and 35 of his coworkers to safety. "I tell people at home at that point you gotta get to your safe place, what kind of example are we setting if we don't go," Laubhan says.

Reports show that this deadly tornado that struck Tupelo on Monday was an EF-2, the highest winds near 135 miles-an-hour. Damaging or destroying more than 2100 homes.

The May family's home was one of those destroyed in the tornado. As the tornado hit, they took shelter in a tiny pantry.

With one story of the family house here, and another story shred to pieces across the road, they're thankful to be alive.

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