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  • Drivers’ ‘zombie’ traffic tickets rise up decades later

    Charlene Sakoda at Odd News1 day ago

    Drivers across New York state are being slapped with fines for decades-old traffic citations and are in danger of losing their licenses. The ‘zombie’ traffic tickets rise back up after years because, as WIVB News 4 reports, there is no time limit for state officials to collect the fines.

    While some cases are tickets that were never paid, other motorists say that the citation fines were taken care of years ago when they were originally issued. WIVB spoke with Paul Fox Jr., a truck driver who recently received three letters from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and says he paid all fines decades ago. The notices indicated that he had 30 days to pay the fines on two tickets he received in March 1994. “One letter was for suspension of my license next month,” said Fox. “They suspend my license, I lose my job. Now I can’t find a job, I’m collecting unemployment. I got to collect food stamps, and that’s taxpayers’ money out of their pockets to support me.”

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  • Intensive care patient accused of selling thousands of dollars' worth of heroin from hospital bed

    Will Lerner at Odd News1 day ago

    A 38-year-old woman staying in the intensive care unit (ICU) of Excela Health Westmoreland Hospital in Greensburg, Pennsylvania is being accused by the city’s police department of selling heroin from her hospital bed. WTAE Action News 4 reports that there were about a million different reasons why the woman aroused suspicion in the first place.


    Greensburg Police Captain Chad Zucco gave multiple reasons why the unnamed suspect was fishy. They include:

    KDKA CBS Pittsburgh reports that security was first informed about the woman’s actions and that they, in turn, contacted the Greensburg Police Department. Greensburg Police set up a surveillance operation and almost immediately learned what was going on: the woman was selling heroin from her hospital bed.


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  • Man finds $1000 in a Walmart parking lot

    Charlene Sakoda at Odd News2 days ago

    Jacob Kroko, 23, found an envelope with $1000 in cash laying next to his car in a Walmart parking lot in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Kroko was honest when he recounted what was going through his mind after the find. He told WTVR CBS 6, “There is always the thought. There’s the thought of, ‘I could leave right now and I’m a thousand dollars richer. But then the next second you’re thinking, ‘What if I lost that money?’”

    The Good Samaritan turned in the envelope of cash to the police. Kroko was surprised by the officers’ reactions, “They were shocked that I walked in.” Defense Department Police Officer Jason Carey told the station that he’s seen $10,000 turned in and money is actually turned in to authorities more often than people think. Carey said, “It’s kind of psychological. Most of the time people will turn it in because they think they are being watched.”

    Kroko’s honesty was recognized on the Fredericksburg Police blog and many in the town are also applauding his good deed.

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