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  • Teen becomes third sibling in his family to have perfect attendance from Pre-K to 12th grade

    Will Lerner at Odd News8 hrs ago

    Jordan Fernandez is set to graduate from John F. Kennedy High School in San Antonio, Texas on June 7. When he does, he will have accomplished something fewcan boast: perfect attendance from Pre-K through his senior year of high school. As KENS 5 News reports, the only place where it isn’t so rare? Jordan’s household.

    Edgewood Independent School District sent out a press release noting that Jordan’s older brothers Jacob and Jason also had perfect attendance from Pre-K to 12 th grade. Jordan’s younger sister Jenna, a freshman at John F. Kennedy High School, hasn’t missed a day of class either. In addition to never missing a day of class, Jordan also has never been tardy.

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  • Woman finds 1951 love letter in used book and uses Facebook to track down the letter writer

    Charlene Sakoda at Odd News9 hrs ago

    Sandi Blood of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina made an intriguing discovery in a used paperback novel she purchased which led her to a new friend miles away. As reported by WPDE NewsChannel 15, while Sandi was flipping through the book’s pages, an old letter fell out. It was dated November 1951 and sent from Army Private Gilles LeBlanc to his girlfriend Carole Petch. The two were separated while LeBlanc was stationed in Japan and Petch was in Toronto, Canada.

    The letter spoke about the military man’s army life before he shipped out to Korea and also professed his love for Carole including thoughts like, "Honey you can't realize how much I love you and think and dream about being with you. It's hurting me all over." The two were apparently engaged and the letter included plans for the couple’s upcoming nuptials.

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  • Man’s soda refill costs him $525 and gets him slapped with a federal charge [UPDATED]

    Charlene Sakoda at Odd News1 day ago

    A Charleston, South Carolina man is speaking out after receiving a $525 ticket following his soda refill at a Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital.

    As reported by WCSC Live 5 News, construction worker Christopher Lewis was working on-site at the downtown Charleston VA Medical center and during lunch in the hospital cafeteria, he grabbed a refill of his drink without paying. Lewis failed to notice posted signs indicating that refills were not free. "As I was filling my cup up, I turned to walk off and a fella grabbed me by the arm and asked me, ‘Was I going to pay for that?’ And I told him I wasn't aware that I had to pay for that," Lewis recalled. The construction worker said that he never saw the posted signs and admitted that he had refilled drinks in the past without paying.

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