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  • Woman finds wedding ring missing for five years was in her dog

    Charlene Sakoda at Odd News9 days ago

    A Wisconsin woman, who thought her lost wedding ring was long gone five years ago, was recently reunited with it in a very surprising way. As reported by WAOW Newsline 9, two weeks ago, Lois Matykowski of Stevens Point, and her granddaughter were out in the yard enjoying Popsicles on a hot day. That was until Tucker, the family dog, struck. "He's known in the family to be the food burglar," Matykowski explained. "After I turn around and I look at my granddaughter, the Popsicle is gone and there's Tucker you know, smacking his jaws.” The pooch stole the icy treat on a stick and gobbled it all down.

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  • Fast food employee at Taco John’s says manager forced him to wear name tag that read ‘Gaytard’

    Charlene Sakoda at Odd News12 days ago

    A fast food worker in Yankton, South Dakota alleges that he was harassed and discriminated against when his manager forced him to wear a name tag with a homophobic slur. Earlier this week, KELO Keloland Television reported that Tyler Brandt, a 16-year-old Taco John’s employee, quit his job after a manager pressured him into wearing a name tag with a demeaning label. “[The manager] pulled me into the office and gave me a name tag that read ‘Gaytard’ on it and asked me to wear it,” Brandt explained. “So I put it on because I didn’t want to upset him and I felt that if I did do anything to upset him that it would cause me to possibly lose my job because he would be looking for ways to fire me.” Brandt’s co-worker Kayla Martian told KDLT News that the manager made his feelings about Brandt known saying, "I remember one time he said, 'Tyler is so weird because he's so gay, it's not even funny.'" KDLT reports that Brandt learned early on that the management at that Taco John’s franchise had a “reputation for picking on employees,” though he didn’t think it would have gone as far as it did.

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  • Mother says Sonic served her family a bag of marijuana with their meal

    Charlene Sakoda at Odd News12 days ago

    A woman in Frederick, Maryland was shocked and concerned when she found a bag of marijuana mixed in with her family’s drive-thru meal.

    As reported by The Frederick News-Post, Carla McFarland took her two children, a 6-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son, to get a special treat: a meal at Sonic. On Wednesday, the family rolled through the drive-thru and McFarland passed her children their chicken strips and french fries, then reached into the bag for her own food. That’s when she discovered a small plastic bag of what looked like marijuana, in with her french fries.

    “I just kind of sat there in my car in shock,” McFarland said. “I kept thinking, what if my kids had eaten it?” The mother called the police and notified Sonic’s management. They were apologetic and the customer’s meal was remade at no charge. “I definitely can't say that they didn't go out of their way,” said McFarland. “I honestly think they were more in shock than I was.”

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  • Police: Man Stole Costume, Caught Wearing It At Bar Across The Street

    Yahoo! News at Odd News12 days ago

    Halloween came early in Kansas City. A man used a brick to shatter the window of a costume shop, took a strange bird-like costume and decided toimmediately wear it to a bar down the street, KMBC reports.

    Patrons at the Cashew, the bar where the man was spotted wearing the costume, thought the costumed man was strange but not too out of the ordinary. Said one bar patron, "We came in and there was a guy sitting at the bar, and he was in a really weird bird feather costume, and we didn't think too much of it, he was really quiet.”

    We arrested a guy who stole birdish costume then wore it to a bar. Just another Thurs in #KC http://t.co/lytRgaG94T pic.twitter.com/VwBD9ET5Bj

    The police showed up shortly and took the man into custody. “And the next thing we know, five cops show up and they go to arrest him, they handcuff him, he fights them a little bit, and they just drag him out and take him away” said the bar patron.

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  • Man accused of naked kite flying denies it and explains

    Charlene Sakoda at Odd News13 days ago

    An 82-year-old Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio man was ticketed after he was seen in public allegedly flying a kite while naked. As reported by WOIO 19 Action News, Edward Paolucci considers himself a professional kite flier and has been pursuing the activity for more than 15 years.

    Last week Paolucci was flying one of the kites in his collection of more than 50, in a field at the Summit County Fairgrounds. A volunteer at the fairgrounds, who saw Paolucci that day, claims that the elderly man was in the buff while flying his kite. WOIO notes that the police were called and the officer’s report indicated Mr. Paolucci was flying a kite nude while a horseback riding camp with young adults was happening nearby. It’s a charge that Paolucci denies saying, “No. I had my swimming trunks on, all the time my swimming trunks.” Still, Paolucci was ticketed and told not to return to the fairgrounds.

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