Chef creates the smallest sushi you’ve ever seen

Chef creates the smallest sushi you’ve ever seen

Chef Hironori Ikeno has generated big buzz for the teeny tiny creations diners can find at his Tokyo restaurant, Nohachi. At the eatery, where no prices are displayed, Chef Ikeno serves diminutive sushi made using a single grain of rice.

The idea for the compact cuisine came to Ikeno 13 years ago. "I actually started the whole thing from a joke with a customer whom I served a miniscule sushi to and I started to wonder how tiny could I make it." Ikeno told Reuters.

Compared to a plate of seven pieces of their full sized counterparts, which take one minute to create, the petite sushi takes five minutes. The chef usually makes the Lilliputian fare for children, couples and foreigners to enjoy. But can such a small “bite” actually hold any flavor? According to Nohachi regular, Hisako Okamoto, the answer is yes. Okamoto said, "The white-flesh fish had grated Japanese radish and chili which gave it that spicy kick. Each grain of rice actually had quite a distinct taste."

So if you’re traveling to Tokyo, stop in to Nohachi to see and taste Chef Ikeno’s tiny works of art.

Video and more info: Reuters