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Girl’s letter prompts Bratz dolls maker to create custom dolls

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8-year-old Angelina Giani of Boca Raton, Florida is a huge fan of Bratz dolls with over 30 in her collection. But when she started to notice that the dolls didn’t really resemble her, she decided to write to MGA Entertainment, the company behind Bratz. Angelina told WPTV News Channel 5 that she felt, "They only have like blonde hair, mostly blonde hair and they're like very, very tall.” She wrote to the doll makers requesting that they create a doll that more closely resembled her and even sent designs to accompany the hand written letter. Angelina said her letter began, “Dear MGA, I am a very big fan of you. I love all the dolls you make.” The illustrations depicted dolls with less makeup, shorter hair and longer dresses, which she felt more closely reflected her look. Angelina’s mother, Rosana Giani, said that her daughter is never afraid of being different and customizes her own clothes by cutting long sleeves, or sewing ruffles on pajama pants that are too short.

Four weeks after the letter was sent, LA based MGA Entertainment surprised Angelina and her mom by sending three custom made dolls that were inspired by their fan’s drawings. The company took Angelina’s sketches and transformed them into actual outfits for the dolls, used different shades to reflect the makeup drawn and gave one of the dolls a bob haircut like her illustration. “We were very impressed and touched by Angelina’s designs,” said an MGA representative. Rosana thought the letter was simply a great writing exercise for her daughter, and told WPTV, “I never knew they were going to respond, I didn't think they would take her seriously." Angelina said, “It felt kinda cool, and I felt proud.”

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