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Man claims meteorite hit his car

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This past Sunday at 2 AM, Joe Massa was driving to his home in Kettering, Ohio when something struck his car. He told WHIO that, “It was like a silent pop…then there was pressure in the car. I could feel pressure in my ears, like the air had changed in the car, in a split second." So, what hit Mr. Massa's car? As far as he’s concerned - a meteorite.

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(Dee Moorman/WHIO)

Mr. Massa, a Cincinnati-based restaurant manager, points out that the dent in his Buick’s bumper indicates that it was struck by something hitting it in a downward motion. Another point that may help validate his claims is, as WHIO points out, a “meteor shower that was expected over the weekend as the tail of a comet, discovered in 2004, entered the earth's atmosphere.”

While the station is still working to verify Mr. Massa’s story, Rich Wirdzek, a meteorologist for WHIO, pointed out how rare it is for something like to this to happen. He wrote, in part:

“Statistically, the chances of being struck by one are extremely small considering the size of the Earth versus the size of the object. This guy was in the right place at the right time (or wrong place, wrong time!)."

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