Valet forgets to put car in park, car rolls off dock and straight into water

The number one rule of parking a car is: make sure you put it in park. Probably. I don’t know if that’s the number one rule, but it makes sense to me, so let’s go with it. A valet at Moss Marine in Fort Myers Beach, Florida is believed to have forgotten the number one rule of parking a car, and as WBBH NBC 2 News reports, said car wound up taking a dip in some salt water.

The vehicle’s owner told WBBH that his car simply rolled off of a dock and into the water after he handed over his keys. No one was inside of the car when it went into the water. By the time it was retrieved by Lee County deputies on Sunday morning, it was 15 feet below. The car’s owner, who was not named by WBBH, told the station he’s thankful nobody was injured.

More info: WBBH