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Hasbro seeks input on favorite Monopoly ‘house rules.’

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The game Monopoly can be described in many ways. Unless it happens to be your first time playing, "fresh" is not one of them.

Hasbro, publishers of the Parker Brothers ode to capitalism, is giving the game a modest update.

Purists need not fear -- the core rules aren't going anywhere. Instead, Hasbro has taken to social media to ask fans of the board game about their favorite "house rules." The rule that gets the most votes will be included as an optional rule in a future edition of the game.

What's a house rule? Well, it depends on the house. For decades people have been conjuring up their own additional rules as a way to spice things up or (heaven forbid) make the game move a little quicker.

Common examples include awarding $400 (instead of $200) to players who land directly on the "Go" space and putting all fees into a pot that goes to the lucky player who lands on "Free Parking." But there are others, and Hasbro is giving them due consideration.

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A press release from Hasbro lists all the rules up for debate. In addition to the two mentioned previously, the rules include: financial incentives to roll snake eyes, requiring players to go around the board once before they can buy properties, and one called "Mum's the word" in which players who are also mothers automatically get out of jail.

The possibility most likely to result in intensive family counseling is called "Break the bank." That's the one where half the money from the bank goes in the middle of the board. On the count of three, every player tries to grab as much cash as they can.

We asked around the Yahoo newsroom for other possible house rules and came across a couple of contenders to keep players on their toes.

Forget to say "Go" when you pass the space and you don't get your $200. Mess up the count as banker and you have to make up the difference from your own stash. Get caught cheating and your token is sent to jail. Land on "Chance"? You're under no obligation to take the card.

The Web is full of additional house rules. Got some of your own? Leave a comment below. And don't even think about taking Marvin Gardens. We called it.

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