3 Products That'll Make a Zit Disappear Instantly

Why is it that on the mornings when I most need to look and feel great (say, when I'm meeting my boyfriend's parents for brunch or I've got a huge presentation at work) I wake up with a fatty zit between my brows?

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Indulge me in my whining for a moment. I thought acne was supposed to be relegated to my awkward teen years. Shouldn't it have been banished from my world like my braces, ugly glasses, and those horrible '90s hairstyles? Are you with me?

At least back in the day, a good 80 percent of my friends were also making a beeline for the Clearasil aisle. Now, I always feel like the lone "grown-up" who's still seeing spots. Which is why I make it a point to be up on the products that will make those spots disappear. Immediately.

Want to know the fastest-working acne products on the market? As well as the ones that don't work at all? Keep reading.

Why: One reader was severely disappointed, saying "I had high hopes for this product, unfortunately it only slightly faded my scars. It was such a rip-off, considering how the tube cost me $20 and lasted 10 days before it ran out." Not only that, but this product caused one reader to "break out again and didn't even lighten the prior spots." Overall, readers saw "0 percent improvement" after using the product on their red, post-acne marks.

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THE WORST NO. 2: MURAD ACNE SPOT TREATMENT, $18 average reader rating: 6.4
Why: Reviewers say, "for the price, I thought it would work faster and better." "There are better drugstore products with the same ingredients that don't cost as much," says one reader. The treatment contains 3 percent sulfur, and one woman says, "even under makeup, it makes your face smell like a rotten egg the whole day." Speaking of makeup, women say it's difficult to apply makeup over the treatment, since it dries "thick and chalky."

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THE WORST NO. 1: CLEAN & CLEAR INVISIBLE BLEMISH TREATMENT, $4.29 average reader rating: 5.2

Why: Readers say this spot treatment isn't really as "invisible" as it claims. "After applying makeup on top of this treatment, it gets flaky and rolls right off your skin in these dirty-looking little balls." Others find that it "burns skin when you put it on a blemish," and "leaves somewhat of an oily residue." Plus, "it has both salicylic acid and alcohol, which will cause major peeling and dryness. This product was basically ineffective in clearing up any existing pimples that I had."

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THE BEST NO. 3: ZENMED DERMA CLEANSE ACNE GEL, $24.99 average reader rating: 8.5

Why: One woman says it works as a preventative measure, saying, "I get a few pimples every so often -- especially at that time of the month -- so I use the Acne Gel on my chin when I know they are going to creep up and it helps them not be so red and gets rid of them faster." Another reader struggling with stubborn acne says, "I suffered from a terrible acne problem for most of my young adult life. For years I tried every product on the market to help clear my skin. I saw dermatologists, aestheticians, and even went on Accutane for a period of time. It wasn't until I discovered this salicylic cleanser that my acne really ceased to exist. It is my miracle product that not only left my skin clear and radiant, but ultimately helped my self-esteem."

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THE BEST NO. 2: BOSCIA WILLOW BARK BREAKOUT TREATMENT, $25 average reader rating: 8.7
Why: Readers with sensitive skin love how this product is "gentle enough for everyday use but also strong enough to keep most blemishes away." One reader with really sensitive skin says, "I cannot use benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid products, but my skin loves this stuff." This 100 percent natural treatment" can be used all over the face or as a spot treatment," and "works really well for whiteheads." Another says, "If acne medication stops working on your skin, you will want to try this because this is the first acne product that continues to work for my skin."

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THE BEST NO. 1: MARIO BADESCU SKIN CARE HEALING CREAM, $30 average reader rating: 8.8
Why: This is the cream for women who pop their pimples. It "speeds up healing time and cuts down the chances of the pimple leaving a scar, because it keeps the area from drying out" too quickly, which makes "scarring or blotching more likely." Readers say this cream also works beyond just pimples. "If there is anything on your face that needs healing, this cream is better than anything else I've tried," says one reviewer. Women say, "I don't leave home (or go to bed) without it!"

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