Power Players

  • Modern day Monuments Men: FBI Art Crime Team founder talks about real-life treasure hunting

    Pierre Thomas, Richard Coolidge, and Alexandra Dukakis at Power Players17 days ago

    Power Players

    What do Monuments Men, Indiana Jones and James Bond have in common? All of them face villains who, among other offenses, are guilty of stealing prized pieces of art and artifacts. And in a striking comparison to these heroic treasure hunt stories popularized by movies, there is a real-life group of detectives working within the U.S. government today to restore lost and stolen art: Meet the FBI Art Crime Team.

    “You’re not going to do the same type of investigation that you would for a Monet as you would do for a Chevrolet,” former FBI senior investigator Robert Wittman, who founded the Art Crime Team, told “Power Players.”

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