• Karl Rove on Bush legacy: “He got the big things right”

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    Karl Rove, who has been described by former President George W. Bush as “the architect” of his 2000 and 2004 election victories, isn’t backing down in his defense of the former president’s legacy, saying “he got the big things right.”

    “He kept us safe after 9/11, he moved to modernize our tools, provide the tools to fight terror, he called terror for what it was, he tackled the big issues of trying to reform Social Security, Medicare, immigration, education,” Rove tells Politics Confidential, standing outside the new Bush library and museum.

    When asked if he has any regrets about the Iraq War, knowing now that Saddam Hussein did not actually possess weapons of mass destruction that were given as the main justification at the time, Rove says he still thinks the war was the right decision.

    “I do believe that the Iraq War was the right thing to do and the world is a safer place for having Saddam Hussein gone,” says Rove, who points out that there was a “bipartisan

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    Talking to ABC’s Diane Sawyer during a special tour of the newly opened George W. Bush Library, former First Lady Laura Bush says she and her husband have both been brought to tears by the new 9/11 exhibit at the museum.

    “It’s very hard to walk through and it's hard to watch this,” the former first lady says, referring to a video in the exhibit that reviews the day-by-day response to the attack. “People weep, I mean, there's that spot where George almost wept, in the Oval Office, when he was talking about it.”

    The new museum, which is designed to progress chronologically through the Bush presidency, starts off in a well-lit room that lays out the agenda President Bush hoped to undertake when he first came into office at the beginning of 2001. But visitors soon turn a corner, moving into the shadows of the 9/11 exhibit, where a large piece of disfigured metal from the 82nd or 83rd of the second World Trade Center tower stands.

    “This is the point of impact,” Mrs. Bush tells

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    New information is coming to light every day in the on-going investigation into the bombings at the Boston Marathon on April 15th. But there are still a lot of unanswered questions about the tragic event, including whether it could have been prevented, and what sort of lasting impact, if any, will it have on domestic policies such as immigration reform and gun control. Many of you wrote in asking to address these lingering questions.

    Rosalyn Minassian asked: Why did the FBI ignore Russia's multi warnings? There is so much that could be prevented.

    Fallan Patterson tweeted: Will sporting events become stricter about unattended bags? Or even searching bags in non-stadium events?

    Mark L wrote in on Yahoo! answers: Will this affect gun control laws? Because I now support the right to bear arms.

    And Sheila Hall wanted to know: I think it will be interesting to see how this tragedy impacts immigration reform, what are your thoughts?

    Thank you for your thoughtful questions and

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