• Like Father Like Son: Evading death and strengthening their bond in the Afghanistan war

    On the Radar

    Journalists Mike and Carlos Boettcher have spent as much time embedded with U.S. troops in Afghanistan as just about anyone. They’ve gone to some of the most dangerous parts of the country to cover the war. And, they’ve done it all as father and son.

    In their new documentary, “The Hornet’s Nest,” Emmy-award winning journalist Mike Boettcher and his son Carlos, who is now an ABC News producer, tell the story of their brush with death during an embed mission with the 101st Airborne Division in Kunar Province—a stronghold for the Taliban.

    “I remember saying to myself ' you selfish son of bitch, did you get your son killed?'” Mike Boettcher tells On the Radar of the moment when he and his son were separated after their battalion was ambushed by the Taliban.

    “We were in big trouble,” Boettcher recalls of the attack. “There was no cover; no nothing…We were getting hit from all sides. Carlos was separated from me, and I didn’t know if he was alive, or if he was dead. He didn’t

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  • Donald Rumsfeld on Afghanistan War: “It’s not combat, as such”

    Politics Confidential

    Donald Rumsfeld made a habit of collecting adages to live by over the course of his decades-long government career. His collection began as a stack of index cards, which then transformed into a White House document dubbed “Rumsfeld’s Rules” by President Ford, and has now evolved into a book.

    Most of Rumsfeld’s new book Rumsfeld’s Rules focuses on lessons in leadership, but it also sheds new light on the early days of the Bush administration’s “War on Terror.”

    The former secretary of defense reveals in the book that he doesn't recall the National Security Council ever having a formal discussion “to consider the consequences and costs of a long-term and large-scale military presence” in Afghanistan.

    When asked by Politics Confidential about the apparent lack of decision-making, Rumsfeld qualifies that U.S. military operations in Afghanistan are a unique situation: “Well, it's not combat, as such. It's different than a World War II combat or a Korean War combat.

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  • Bottom Line

    A surprise announcement this week in Washington as Minnesota congresswoman and one time GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann announced she will not be seeking re-election after her current congressional term runs out in 2014. Lots of you had questions about the announcement and what Bachmann’s departure from Congress means for her, and for the future of the Tea Party movement.

    Ernesta Taylor tweeted: What is the real reason for Bachmann's announcement?

    Kimberly Robinson wrote in on Facebook: Is she quitting to prepare for the next presidential election?

    Marcia Ottoman wanted to know what this means for the tea party. She asked: If the tea party loses Michele Bachmann as their pseudo leader, who in the republican party is poised to take her place at this point in time? Or, will the tea party movement simply go away as she leaves office? What impact will her resignation from Congress have on the mid-term elections and in Congress?

    Thanks for the great questions, and

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