• Power Players

    Nearly a quarter-century after the notorious FBI sting that defined his political career, former D.C. mayor and current city councilman Marion Barry claims that the FBI was trying to kill him.

    “I just think so, because during the trial the government refused to have that substance tested,” Barry said, referencing the crack cocaine that he was caught smoking in the raid. “I think that’s kind of strange, don't you think?”

    Barry sat down with “Power Players” at D.C.’s Carolina Kitchen restaurant to discuss his new memoir, “Mayor for Life,” in which he tells all about the January 18, 1990 sting when Rasheeda Moore, a former romantic acquaintance of Barry’s, worked with the FBI to catch the then-mayor smoking crack cocaine on videotape.

    “I wanted to, first of all, tell the truth … the good, the bad, and ugly, but also to educate people, to inspire people,” Barry said of his book.

    “That January 18th night, let me just say that one, I shouldn't have gone to the hotel, shouldn't

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  • Power Players

    When you’re on a plane, do you ever worry about what would happen if it is struck by lightning? Will the aircraft survive?

    “Power Players” traveled to Seattle to meet Boeing’s lightning guy: Rob Steinle, who along with a team of engineers, literally makes lightning – a million volts of electricity worth – and tests its effects on plane models.

    “In here, we're learning where the attachment [lightning strike] is going to happen so we can beef up the materials in those areas, so we can be sure that they can sustain a major lightning attachment,” Steinle explained from inside Boeing’s lightning lab.

    As shocking as it may seem, lightning doesn’t actually severely damage a plane. Jets are designed to shed the electricity -- acting like an extension cord that channels the electric current through the plane’s exterior shell without penetrating its interior. And it’s Steinle’s job to keep it that way.

    “We have to make sure that the thicknesses are adequate, that the locations of

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  • The Fine Print

    Rep. Tammy Duckworth is no stranger to realities of the Iraq war. She lives with the consequences every day, as a veteran who lost both legs when the National Guard helicopter she was piloting was shot down in Iraq.

    And as President Obama prepares to send up to 300 Special Forces troops to advise the Iraqi military in its effort to combat the militant Islamist group ISIS, the Illinois Democrat said she is “disheartened.”

    “I'm pretty appalled that the Iraqi military just abandoned their post after all of the time that American forces invested in training them…in both training but also arming them and equipping them,” Duckworth told “The Fine Print.”

    “This is also a tragedy for the American people with all of the resources we put into that nation, as well as all the men and women who served in uniform there,” she added.

    While proud of her military service, Duckworth said she didn’t agree with the United States decision to go to war with Iraq in 2003 and doesn’t support

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