• Like mother like son: Prince Harry carries on legacy of Princess Diana to rid world of landmines

    Power Players

    Prince Harry made a visit to Capitol Hill yesterday to tour an exhibit on landmines, a cause dear to the heart of his late mother Princess Diana, and inadvertently won the hearts of flocks of female admirers who followed him to the exhibit.

    The CEO of the HALO Trust, the charity that organized the Capitol Hill exhibit, told Power Players that Prince Harry “is really carrying on that mantle” of his mother’s work by bringing public attention to the cause.

    “He really understands that and the thing about clearing landmines, once their cleared, that’s it, they’re finished; it’s a finite problem that can be defeated,” the HALO Trust’s CEO Guy Willoughby told ABC’s Lama Hasan.

    As the HALO Trust marks its 25th anniversary this year, Willoughby is hopeful that Prince Harry’s continued support can help eradicate landmines before his organization makes it to 50 years.

    “In a lot of countries in five years time, if he keeps the momentum going the interest, then we can finish other

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  • Bottom Line

    This week New Jersey Governor Chris Christie revealed that he underwent Lap-Band surgery in February. Christie says his decision to have the surgery- a common procedure aimed at improving weight loss- was based on concerns about his health and his family, saying he wants to be there for many years with his wife and kids. But the news has increased speculation that he’s planning to run for president in 2016, and sparked a lot of discussion online and on social media.

    Ashley wrote in on Yahoo! answers: People involved directly in Washington politics and with the president- they all to be in shape and perfectly groomed. Perhaps because they are more in the public spotlight and have more pressure to look healthy?

    Dane Volyn asked: Nobody cared about William Howard Taft’s weight, or FDR’s paralysis and Kennedy’s womanizing was kept very quiet. Why is Christie’s weight such a (pardon the pun) heavy topic?!

    And Dave tweeted: Two words: He’s running!

    Thanks to everyone for all of

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  • Tea Party leader: Lindsey Graham “begging for a primary” challenge

    Top Line

    FreedomWorks president Matt Kibbe has a warning for Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and other GOP incumbents up for reelection in the 2014: don’t expect Tea Party support just because you’re already in Congress.

    “It's utterly contrary to Republican philosophy, we believe in competition, we believe in open democratic processes and I think that leads to better candidates,” Kibbe tells Top Line.

    Kibbe singles Graham out as one of his Super PAC’s major targets in the midterm elections, citing Graham’s criticism of the filibuster over the Obama administration’s drone program led by Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-Ky.) as a major reason for replacing him.

    “The way he lashed out against Rand Paul…he's begging for a primary,” says Kibbe, who continues on to say that he hopes to replace Graham with someone “who is worthy of that seat.”

    Kibbe says FreedomWorks is also looking to make gains for Tea Party candidates in Arkansas and Alaska come 2014 and says he’s not concerned about protecting

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