• Want to get Obama’s attention? Here’s how

    Political Punch

    We've talked before on this show about the different ways President Obama and the White House are using digital technology and social media to interact with the public. Macon Phillips, the White House director of digital strategy, leads the team that is changing the way the whitehouse.gov website works, attempting to make the White House more accessible to the public. This week, the White House launches a new mobile app, targeting the increasing number of people plugged into iPads, Androids, and other mobile devices.

    "We have to constantly think about where people are getting information, how they're doing it these days. And obviously one of the things that people are doing is getting on their phone," says Phillips. "Since 2010 we've seen the portion of our traffic to the whitehouse.gov website triple from 5% to 15%." The new app connects users to White House blogs, photos and live streaming events.

    One other way the Obama White House has tried to use technology in new

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  • Sen. Hatch to Mitt Romney: Advice from one Mormon Republican to another

    Spinners and Winners

    Sen. Orrin Hatch had to fight for his political life this year, when he was nearly beaten in the Republican primary in his home state of Utah. Spinners and Winners caught up with Hatch on the convention floor in Tampa, where the long-time senator credited his background for his primary victory. Like many of the personal stories being told at the convention this week, Hatch said he comes from humble roots -- an experience that prepared him for tough political battles like the one he fought.

    "I'm a tough old bird and everybody knows it. I'm a nice person but I'm tough," said Hatch. "And I've come up the hard way. I remember when we didn't have enough to eat except for the little half-acre garden that we planted."

    But Romney doesn't share that story, and his background has made it difficult for some voters to relate to him. Hatch says Romney needs to embrace his success.

    "Just say, 'Yes I've been very fortunate but I've earned every dime I've ever made and I'm

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  • The Washington Nationals: Finally, something that works in this town

    Spinners and Winners

    Spinners and Winners took a trip to Nationals Park this week to cover something that actually works in this town -- the first-place Washington Nationals. Politicians, journalists, Republicans, Democrats -- everyone comes together to cheer on the Nats.

    This is a major league baseball team that has seen some dark years, with nearly 300 losses in three years, they were one of the worst teams in baseball.

    "When I first signed here in 2004, you'd have to break a guys arms to bring him over here," says shortstop Ian Desmond.

    So what's going on this year? Solid team camaraderie and players that have finally gelled, says Desmond.

    "I think I can honestly say Gio is the straw that stirs this drink," he said, teasing the young pitcher next to him. But in all seriousness, "Gio has brought a lot to the table. Obviously with his left arm, but his personality and his clubhouse presence are second to none."

    "I mean you've got to give credit to other people too, you know," says

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