New information is coming to light every day in the on-going investigation into the bombings at the Boston Marathon on April 15th. But there are still a lot of unanswered questions about the tragic event, including whether it could have been prevented, and what sort of lasting impact, if any, will it have on domestic policies such as immigration reform and gun control. Many of you wrote in asking to address these lingering questions.

    Rosalyn Minassian asked: Why did the FBI ignore Russia's multi warnings? There is so much that could be prevented.

    Fallan Patterson tweeted: Will sporting events become stricter about unattended bags? Or even searching bags in non-stadium events?

    Mark L wrote in on Yahoo! answers: Will this affect gun control laws? Because I now support the right to bear arms.

    And Sheila Hall wanted to know: I think it will be interesting to see how this tragedy impacts immigration reform, what are your thoughts?

    Thank you for your thoughtful questions and

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  • Former Obama Staffer Leads White House Protests Against Pipeline

    Power Players

    Environmental activists are turning up the heat on President Obama as he faces what could be the trickiest decision of his second term: whether or not to approve the controversial proposed Keystone XL pipeline, which could reach his desk this summer.

    The project, which would transport oil from the tar sands of Alberta to the Gulf of Mexico, promises jobs and energy. But critics say it will ravage the environment and send oil overseas.

    “We put him in the White House because we thought he was the best chance of really making progress on the issue of climate,” the Sierra Club’s Courtney Hight told Power Players.

    “He’s strongly said that he wants to do something…and this is one of his best opportunities to actually follow through,” she said.

    Hight is no ordinary environmentalist. She was one of the first foot soldiers for Obama in New Hampshire in 2007 and later led his campaign’s outreach to youth voters in swing-state Florida.

    In 2008, she joined the administration as a

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  • Robert Redford: We need more Woodwards & Bernsteins

    Top Line

    It’s been more than 40 years since Watergate, but the old story—and its characters—made news once again with the Washington premiere of Robert Redford’s new documentary about the scandal. And Top Line snagged red carpet interviews with the big stars of the night: Robert Redford, Bob Woodward, and Carl Bernstein.

    Redford’s new documentary All the President’s Men Revisited takes a historical look at the scandal—and the investigative reporting by Woodward and Bernstein—that ultimately led to President Richard Nixon’s resignation.

    Redford, who says “we need a lot of people like Woodward and Bernstein” today, hopes the documentary is a good resource for young aspiring reporters who come to journalism in the age of the Internet.

    “The Internet changed everything,” says Redford. “There's so many voices claiming the truth, it's harder and harder to get to it.”

    While Redford says it’s up to the audience to decide whether modern technology has altered journalism for the better or worse,

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