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    When it comes to the gender gap in her male-dominated profession, does political cartoonist Jen Sorensen really have to draw you a picture?

    Sorensen, a nationally acclaimed political cartoonist, recently became the first woman to win the coveted Herblock Prize, which celebrates excellence in editorial cartooning.

    “I feel a kinship with Janet Yellen,” Jen Sorensen jokingly told “Top Line” after receiving the award. “I mean, she had to wait for 14 Federal Reserve chairs before she was able to get on.”

    Ever the ironic cartoonist, Sorensen’s reference harks back to one of her most notable cartoons, which is a side-by-side sketch of Yellen, the current and first woman Federal Reserve chair, next to Larry Summers, who was also a frontrunner for the job before Yellen was ultimately nominated by Obama.

    But because the Herblock prize is only in its 11th year of existence, Sorensen said she doesn’t begrudge being the first woman honoree. “There were 10 male winners before me and that

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    As the former top counterterrorism official to President Bush, Richard Clarke has lived through his share of high-stakes crises. Now, as the author of a new thriller novel, Clarke exploits real-world weaknesses of the nation’s drone program to pen a fictional plot that reads like an ominous prophecy.

    “The drone program is not an end in itself, it's a tool,” Clarke told “Top Line.” “We don't have a lot of tools that work and the drone strikes did work up to a point to do one thing, which was to kill terrorist leaders; and so we used it, and we used it, and we used it, and I think perhaps we overused it.”

    Clarke, a leading advocate for the establishment and use of the nation’s drone program in the years following the attacks of 9/11, noted there have been some devastating blunders made along the way.

    “We blew up a wedding not too long ago,” Clarke said of a U.S. strike gone wrong in Yemen. Mistakes like this, Clarke warned, have the potential of inciting more terrorism.


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  • OSCE Secretary General on Ukraine: 'We are walking close to a cliff'

    Power Players

    As diplomatic negotiations get underway to mediate a fragile roadmap that could give pro-Russian leaning regions in Eastern Ukraine increased independence from Kiev’s central government, Lamberto Zannier is at the center of the delicate peace talks.

    Zannier is the Secretary General of the Organization for European Security and Co-Operation (OSCE), which is overseeing the peace process, and told “Power Players” that the situation is akin to walking along a cliff’s edge.

    “We are walking close to a cliff … and the path is narrow but it's there, so … we really need to get the right steps and to get everybody on board with this,” Zannier said. “We see divisions on the ground, we see people that have chosen violence as an alternative to political and peaceful engagement.”

    On one side of the conflict are pro-Russian separatists looking to break away from the central government and on the other is the Kiev-based central government trying to maintain a semblance of the Ukrainian

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