• Winner takes all: Ohio is a must-win for President Obama and Mitt Romney

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    President Obama has visited Ohio more than 20 times this year alone. To ensure a smooth electoral college victory, the Buckeye State is a must-win for the president. As for GOP candidate Mitt Romney -- no Republican has won the White House without Ohio.

    This election cycle, Ohio has been like its own political science experiment, one where Ohioans are subjected to an endless loop of political ads. Voters here have been pummeled by more ads than any other state in the country -- more than 205,000 during the general election campaign alone. The majority of those ads have been pro-Obama; 16,000 more ads in Ohio have backed the president over Romney and Republicans.

    "We don't watch TV anymore. I'm sorry we mute you all ... during the commercials," says Paul Kostyu, reporter for the Cincinnati Enquirer.

    The pro-Obama group Priorities USA Action began airing their Ohio ads in mid-May -- 25 weeks before election day.

    Perhaps because the buy seemed relatively small, the

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  • Spinners and Winners

    Senator Marco Rubio, R-Fla., has been Mitt Romney's most high-profile supporter in his critically important battleground state of Florida. Rubio was with Romney as he campaigned in the Sunshine State Thursday, and ABC's Jonathan Karl asked the junior senator whether it is possible for Romney to win the election without winning Florida.

    "I think it's very important to win and obviously difficult to come up with a formula for victory - I am sure there is one but let's not even try. Let's win Florida. We feel great about the way things are going but it's going to be competitive, it's going to be close," Rubio said.

    But Rubio warns, that with just days to go, the state is not a sure thing for the Republican nominee.

    "I think at this stage in the campaign you don't take anything for granted," Rubio said. "And so we like what we've done here in Florida but we got to make sure people go out and vote."

    Rubio empathizes with his fellow Republican Chris Christie of New

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  • Top Line

    This campaign only feels like it's been going on forever. Really. It has been a mere 14 months since the Iowa Straw Poll.  But for those of you living in battleground states and associated television markets, it probably feels a lot longer.

    You've probably been thinking, 'There are only a few days left! There is a light at the end of the tunnel!'

    But this election is close — at least that's what the polls seem to indicate. And a close election means that the winner may not be clear for hours, maybe even days…maybe even weeks.  Why? Because each state has its own, sometimes quirky, state laws that dictate how votes are counted and when recounts are triggered.

    Take the critical battleground state of Ohio for instance. In that state, people can vote absentee or in person. But if you request an absentee ballot and still show up on election day at your polling station, you get what's known as a 'provisional ballot.' Now, analysts may call results earlier if the margin between the

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