• The devil wears an ambassadorship? Anna Wintour considered for London, Paris posts

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    President Obama's reelection means we will have new officials in the Cabinet. It also means we will have some new ambassadorships, and democrats in the know tell me one of the big names being considered for a plum ambassadorship to the UK or France is Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

    Two of the most important ambassadorships are our top diplomat in the U.K.  -- following in the footsteps of former U.S. presidents including John Adams, James Monroe, and John Quincy Adams -- and our top diplomat in France -- a prestigious position held by Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and founding Peace Corps director Sargent Shriver.

    So whom do Democrats say is now seriously being considered?

    Vogue editor Anna Wintour, a towering figure in the fashion community known for elegance, taste, and a cruelty so intolerable a best-selling book and film were written about it.

    "The Devil Wears Prada," written by a former assistant to Wintour, cemented the editor in pop culture legend for her

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  • Bottom Line

    It was a busy week in Washington with news on the fiscal cliff negotiations and the potential appointment of Vogue's Anna Wintour as an ambassador.

    Lynn Hannigan wrote via Facebook to ask "Wasn't the election clear enough that the majority of Americans were in favor of returning the tax amount back to when President Clinton was in office for the wealthy? Why does Boehner insist on not raising taxes on the wealthy?"

    And Paula Caravella wanted to know "Why is the legislative group going on a break when this is going on? They were sent to Washington to do a job and they should stay in Washington…No breaks until this matter is resolved. Period."

    On the [possible] celebrity ambassador front Linda Finnegan asked "What could the editor of a fashion magazine, such as Vogue, bring to the table to represent the United States as an ambassador?"

    And Carole Del Monte weighed in to defend Wintour writing "I'd bet she'd make a great ambassador. Anyone who questions this should remember

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  • Fiscal cliff as first battle of 2016 election

    Top Line

    The fiscal cliff -- automatic tax increases and spending cuts that would go into effect January 1st if Congress and the White House fail to agree to a fix -- is going to dominate the rest 2012, but it could be the potential 2016 candidates that play critical roles in what happens toward the end of the year. This is the first round of the 2016 primaries; how these politicians deal with the fiscal cliff challenge is going to be the first thing that we talk about four years hence, it is going to be a defining moment for all of them.

    Many Republicans are looking to Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., chairman of the budget committee and former vice presidential candidate, for signals on what they should be doing as these fiscal cliff talks play out. As the budget guru, he is the guy everybody trusts to run the numbers. Ryan is well-positioned to become the leader of the hardliners, the group that pushes against President Obama, which would win him support among the GOP base. But he then

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