• Kennedys taking on addiction

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    Christopher Kennedy Lawford, nephew of President John F. Kennedy and Sen. Ted Kennedy, is calling for improvements in the nation's treatment of addiction and mental illness in a new book.

    "We've de-institutionalized the mentally ill in this country, our treatment now is in prisons and on the streets, and it's not working, " says Lawford, author of Recover to Live: Conversations with 100 of the World's Top Treatment Experts.

    Lawford is no stranger to addiction. Not only did he once struggle with a substance abuse himself, but he watched his cousin, former Congressman Patrick Kennedy, D-R.I., publicly battle with addiction during his time in Congress. Patrick Kennedy wrote the forward for the book.

    "My cousin Patrick talks about a check up from the neck up; we need to start treating mental illness the way we treat physical illness. Get it early, get it fast, pay attention to it as a society," Lawford says. "Otherwise, we're going to suffer the consequences."

    Lawford says he is

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  • Tailor to the presidents: Republicans dress better

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    Tailor Georges de Paris is a Washington legend, a charismatic Frenchman with long, flowing gray hair who works out of a cramped shop two blocks from the White House. And he has tailored suits for every president since Lyndon B. Johnson.

    After all these years, he still uses the same scissors and thimble.

    The sartorial giant has tailored many an inaugural suit, but when asked if he is doing the next one, for President Obama on Monday, de Paris remains coy.

    "Well, we'll work for that," says de Paris.

    He came to America in 1960 for a French-American woman, saying he arrived on a Tuesday evening, and moved out of her house the next night. He was penniless and lived on a park bench in Franklin Square Park for a year.

    "I feel pride for myself," says de Paris. "I work, hardworking. I saved my pennies, you know, to be in this location."

    Photos of de Paris with all the presidents adorn the shop. Obama wore his suit to deliver his State of the Union address. Ford was buried

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  • On the Radar

    As the hostage situation in Algeria unfolds, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta says there's no question that the North Africa-based terrorist group is affiliated Al Qaeda and says the U.S. needs to work with the international community to combat the group known as AQIM.

    "The best way to address that is with the international community working with African nations to determine exactly, you know, where is AQIM located, where are the targets of opportunity and how can we address those targets together," Panetta told On the Radar.

    While Panetta says AQIM's terrorism is "unacceptable" and that Al Qaeda should have "no place to hide," he said he does not see the U.S. sending troops to Mali to combat the group, as the French have done.

    On the topic of Syria, Panetta says he has not seen evidence that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons on its people, as a recent media report, citing a State Department cable, suggested.

    "I don't believe that they have been used

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