• Politically Foul

    Politics: it's not a game, exactly. But there are rules, and when you break them you are running….Politically Foul!

    Colin Powell: retired 4-star General, Secretary of State, suggested Presidential Candidate and....future pop star? Appearing on CBS This Morning with Gayle King, the former Cabinet Secretary used a commercial break to drop his rendition of Carly Rae Jepsen's hit "Call Me Maybe." Powell even went so far as to break out some signature dance moves showing that while the Retired General may have given up the march, he will never lose his need to boogie.

    Speaking of kicking it old school, Ragin' Cajun James Carville had some advice for President Obama this week warning that when the White House talks, "people take that as a signal that [the Obama administration] thinks things are fine." Hold on…flashback to 1994 when then-aide David Axelrod had this advice for President Clinton: "When you stand up and claim great progress, you are only alienating this

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  • Bottom Line

    Can President Obama reset his campaign with today's speech in Ohio? That is certainly the White House's plan for the president today, even though his aides will tell you this speech was planned long before these tough recent weeks for the president, capped by his "the private sector is fine" press conference last Friday.

    And they insist the speech was planned before this latest round of friendly fire, in the form of a critique of campaign strategy from fellow Democrats, James Carville and Stan Greenberg.

    Earlier this week Carville and Greenberg  said if Team Obama's strategy is to try to convince voters that the the administration's policies have helped the country make progress,  it's a losing strategy. The administration wants to define their achievements, but Carville and Greenberg say their focus group research shows that people are still too concerned about the future to hear that right now.

    It's  a debate that has been going on behind the scenes for many months with

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  • Could Bush-Gore election night mess happen again this year?

    Top Line

    The 2000 presidential election was an historic, unprecedented moment in U.S. history — a virtual tie on election night followed by 36 days of limbo, ballot recounts in Florida and ultimately a Supreme Court decision to declare a winner.

    It was a mess for the country and also for the major news organizations who create complex mathematical models to match vote results and exit polls to determine the inevitable winner. But in 2000, the result was anything but inevitable. Each of the three television networks incorrectly declared Al Gore the winner of Florida initially, only to withdraw that decision, later giving the state to George W. Bush — and finally withdrawing that decision as well.

    "We managed to make two mistakes that night like everyone else did, but it was shocking," said David Westin, who was president of ABC News on that historic night.

    In his new memoir, "Exit Interview," Westin explains, "We believed that our 'decision desk' was better than anybody, and that we

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