• Romney’s short list: Rubio, Pawlenty rising, Daniels sliding

    Spinners and Winners

    The search for a Romney running mate is well underway, but whose stock is up, and whose is down?

    Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., in the top tier of potential VP nominees, is showing he can play the number one role of a running mate: attack dog. In a blistering speech in South Carolina, Rubio hammered Obama about his "divisive" leadership style, calling it unprecedented in modern American history.

    Sliding down the list this week is Gov. Mitch Daniels, R-Ind. Daniels has publicly said he does not want the VP nod but recently he went a step further, saying that he would "disconnect the phone" if he knew that call was coming. Expressing disinterest is good; saying you won't take a call from the party's nominee is not.

    Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H took an entirely different approach. Asked about the prospect of a debate with Joe Biden, she said that it would be "very enjoyable," noting that Biden "has a way with words."

    And could this be a tea leaf? The latest Romney

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  • Warrior canines on the homefront

    Political Punch

    On this Memorial Day weekend our thoughts are with those who have sacrificed in battle, and also with those who are still with us, many still adjusting to the wounds sustained in battle. This week, we look at a brand new program in the military that brings man's best friend to the aid of our wounded warriors.

    "President Truman once said if you want a friend in Washington get a dog, that's why I have Bravo," said Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. "But I also have a Panetta corollary to that which is that if you really want to keep a secret, tell it to a dog."

    Panetta was speaking to the trainers of some real canine stars. The dogs are being taught how to help wounded warriors open doors, pick up wallets, dollar bills, and credit cards, and even turn on lights. The new program employs wounded veterans to train these  so-called 'warrior canines' that eventually go on to help fellow wounded servicemen and women adjusting to various prosthetics and mobility challenges.

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  • Politically Foul

    Politics, it's not a game exactly.  But there are rules, and when you break them you are running Politically Foul!

    President Obama felt inspired to give a sports history lesson at a fundraising event in Colorado this week after meeting some former Olympians.

    "They were U.S. Olympians in 1938, with Jesse Owens," said the president,  "Think about that -- 1938 -- '48, excuse me.  I'm sorry.  I'm making them even older."

    So what was it Mr. President:  1938 or 1948?  The answer: neither!  Flag: illegal shift….time shift, that is.

    It was the Berlin Olympics of 1936 where Jesse Owens won four gold medals.

    Meanwhile at the Regan Library, the Veepstakes series continues as contender Paul Ryan of Wisconsin tried to dodge questions about being Mitt Romney's running mate. But he didn't try that hard. After jokingly calling 'next question,' Ryan continued on, "You know, that is somebody's else's decision that's months away. That's a conversation I need to have with my wife before

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