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    When 27-year-old Ann Compton arrived at the White House as an ABC News television correspondent in 1973, she broke a glass ceiling for women and launched a career that became, by many measures, legendary.

    Over 41 years, Compton reported on seven administrations and covered 10 presidential campaigns, visiting all 50 states and six continents with presidents, vice presidents and first ladies. She was the first woman ever to cover the presidency full-time for a major American network.

    “To come in as the first woman wasn't that intimidating," Compton told “Politics Confidential” during an interview on the balcony outside the vice president’s ceremonial office overlooking the West Wing. “To come in as somebody who was 26 years old, 27, alongside of colleagues who had been in the motorcade when John Kennedy was shot, or in Panmunjom when the armistice was signed in Korea, I was out of my league.”

    She quickly proved her mettle, earning widespread admiration and an Emmy

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  • The Fine Print

    With foreign policy suddenly on the front burner of domestic politics, Sen. Ted Cruz said it “increases my interest” in changing the direction of the country and running for the White House.

    “Foreign policy has risen to the forefront, because it is clear that what we are doing isn’t working,” Cruz told “The Fine Print” during an interview in New Hampshire. “And I do think the American people in November 2014 and also November 2016 are going to be looking for leaders who want to work to restore America’s leadership in the world.”

    Cruz stopped short of saying he will definitely seek the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, but is elevating his criticism of President Obama and his strategy for the threat posed by Islamic extremists.

    “So far, the president has not demonstrated that he’s taking ISIS seriously,” Cruz said.

    “They have declared hostile intentions on the United States; they have murdered American citizens; and they are in the process of consolidating power

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  • Power Players

    If Interior Secretary Sally Jewell had it her way, she’d make her office in the great outdoors.

    “This is my favorite office; it's my favorite playground -- one with no walls,” Jewell told “Power Players” during a hike through Maine’s Acadia National Park.

    On the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, which established the protection of 9 million acres worth of wilderness on federal lands, Jewell discussed the balancing act she plays in trying to simultaneously conserve the nation’s precious wilderness, while also tapping into the potential for oil and gas development ventures.

    “This job is full of absolutes on both sides -- those that are more involved in just ‘drill, baby, drill, and let's not worry about it,’ and those who believe that we've got to change things overnight,” Jewell said. “And the truth is: we can't have either.”

    When it comes to climate change, Jewell said it’s time for non-believers to wake up to the scientific facts.

    “I tell them climate change is

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