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    Warren Harding is typically remembered as one of the worst presidents in U.S. history. But a soon-to-be-released trove of love letters between the 29th president and his longtime mistress also reveal that he may have been one of the most passionate.

    “Some of them are truly beautiful -- about what does it mean to be in love,” said James David Robenalt, the author of “The Harding Affair: Love and Espionage during the Great War.” “‘This is the big love,’ he says, ‘This is the surpassing love.’”

    Some of the letters include soaring poetry and lurid sexual fantasies.

    “Three weeks ago [this robe] touched and covered your beautiful form, and that made it hallowed to me, and I wanted contact with it, to make me seem nearer to you,” Warren wrote to his mistress Carrie Fulton Phillips in one letter. “And I wanted to sit before the fire afterward, in freedom of dress, and dream of you and of loving you, intimately.”

    “It gets very explicit in there,” said Robenalt, who went on

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  • Power Players

    Josh Earnest stepped up to the podium as the new White House press secretary just weeks ago, but already he’s figured out a few ways to butter up “hard-bitten” White House reporters.

    Principle among his methods, the father-to-be revealed to “Power Players,” is to discuss parenthood.

    “It’s something that so many people can relate to and hearing the experience of even some hard-bitten White House reporters … talking to them about the birth of their first child, they routinely describe it as the greatest day of their life,” said Earnest, whose wife is due later this summer.

    “I think, like all parents who are about to have their first child, we are feeling a lot of trepidation about this experience that we're preparing for, but also incredibly excited,” he said.

    The trepidations of first-time parenthood aside, Earnest admits he’s still getting settled into his new job as press secretary – a role he assumed following Jay Carney’s departure last month.

    But playing the role of

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  • The Fine Print

    Are you ready for Warren?

    That’s the question supporters of Sen. Elizabeth Warren are asking with the recent formation of a Ready for Warren Super PAC, which is taking a page from Ready for Hillary in laying the groundwork for a presidential campaign should the Massachusetts Democrat decide to run in 2016.

    Though many of her fans are cheering “Run, Liz, Run,” Warren is putting the brakes on such enthusiasm.

    “I am not running,” Warren told “The Fine Print” when asked if she’s mulling the idea of a presidential bid. It's the same answer she always gives -- in the present tense. She doesn't rule out whether she would ever run.

    “I am focused on the 2014 elections,” she said. “We've got an election coming up … just a few months away -- that’s what we need to work on.”

    As for her admirers calling for her to get in the race, Warren is keeping her distance. “I do not support this,” she said.

    To make clear that her focus is on the 2014 midterm elections, Warren has been

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