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    As the lone Republican African-American in Congress, some have looked to Sen. Tim Scott as the GOP’s answer to attract black voters. But the South Carolina senator says his message for voters is colorblind.
    “I hope what I provide is an opportunity to have a serious conversation with voters everywhere -- black voters, white voters, old voters, young voters, conservative voters, liberal voters,” Scott told “The Fine Print” during an interview in Charleston, S.C. 
    The GOP has struggled to diversify its ranks and expand across demographic blocs. But Scott said there’s “an opportunity for us to continue to make progress.”
    “For me, it started on the local level and working my way through a system that reinforces the fact that I understand and appreciate my voters and their views,” Scott said of his own path to elected office.
    When it comes to recruiting a more diverse voting base, Scott said it’s a matter of reaching one voter at a time. “We have to be intentional

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  • Top Line

    How bad a president was Richard Nixon?
    On the 40th anniversary of his resignation, a new documentary takes a fresh look at the Nixon tapes to make the case that the already vilified 37th president was not as bad as you may think. ... He was worse.
    "The most interesting thing that the American people aren't aware of is the kind of the dirty tricks he pulled on those good events, the things he would hold up as great achievements," said Peter Kunhardt, the director and producer of "Nixon by Nixon: In His Own Words," which debuts Monday on HBO.
    "When you begin hearing the behind-the-scenes maneuvering to make those great achievements happen, they were as dirty as the Watergate episode," he continued.
    Ken Hughes, the author of a new book about Nixon, "Chasing Shadows," joined Kunhardt for an interview with "Top Line" and said that one of the most shocking recent revelations about Nixon is that he intentionally prolonged the war in Vietnam for political gain.
    "He realized if Saigon

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  • Power Players

    Would you live in an 8-by-40-foot shipping container that’s been to China and back?

    Two young real estate developers in Washington, D.C., say their new apartment building of converted steel hulks, once used to haul cargo across oceans, has people lined up to move in.

    “It was a great feeling to know that … we could repurpose these and that we could put them into this use and the finished product is going be beautiful,” said Sean Joiner, who is behind the project with business partner Matthew Grace.

    If the idea of living inside an 11,000 pound box of steel doesn’t sound “beautiful,” Joiner and Grace say the completed space will be convincing.

    “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?” Joiner said. “A lot of people would argue that living in a steel glass building, people pay a lot of money for that, right? That's what this is.”

    The three-story building, made of 18 repurposed containers, will have all the amenities of a standard apartment structure.

    “It's going to have a

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