• Power Players

    A new military thriller puts its audience in the shoes of the U.S. military personnel who face complex ethical and psychological struggles in waging the country’s drone war.

    “The idea is: Where are we going with drone warfare and what is the cost - not only the cost of collateral damage, but how about the psychological costs to the people who are flying the drones?” Rick Rosenthal, the director of “Drones,” told “Power Players.”

    “Drones” follows the story of two fictional airmen operating a drone from a base in the United States as they close in on a high-level terrorist target in the Middle East. But when the order comes to pull the trigger, one of the airmen resists executing the mission with the understanding that the strike will also come at the cost of killing innocent civilian bystanders.

    “I think that combat's really changed and suddenly we're at a point where we can conduct warfare without risk,” Rosenthal said. “And that's a very, sort of, controversial concept -

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  • Power Players

    He once worked for Sarah Palin and has been dubbed a “protégé” of Condoleezza Rice.

    Now Dan Sullivan is fighting to become a high-profile conservative brand name of his own, trying to unseat Democratic Sen. Mark Begich of Alaska in one of the most closely watched political races of the year.

    Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin appointed Sullivan attorney general in 2009. Before that he worked within President George W. Bush’s inner circle as a senior adviser to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Now, Sullivan has the task of convincing GOP primary voters that he is Alaskan enough, among other things, to win a spot on the ballot in November.

    “Alaska in many ways is a mindset,” said Sullivan, who some have accused of being a carpetbagger born in Ohio, without legitimate Alaskan roots. “I moved to Alaska 17 years ago, was married 20 years ago, my kids and family were raised in Alaska … I've dedicated my life to my great state and my family has and we love it up there.”


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  • Top Line

    Loyal fans of the hit HBO show “Veep” turn to the Beltway-based satire first and foremost for the sharp laughs it delivers at Washington’s expense. But the show’s creator and executive producer Armando Iannucci said the show’s success is also built in part upon the fact that it hits at certain truths about the ridiculousness of real-life Washington.

    With the show’s lovable but gaffe-prone Vice President Selina Meyer, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, now vying to make the jump from VP to commander-in-chief in the third season, Iannucci said the sky’s the limit when it comes to making the silliness of the show conceivable to its Beltway fans.

    “It's interesting, no matter, how mad and how hard we push it into the ridiculous, someone from D.C. will tell us something far worse actually happened, so now it's sort of a challenge to try to beat reality—so that means anything can happen,” Iannucci told “Top Line” in a recent interview.

    Before the show first aired, Iannucci confessed that

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