• The Fine Print

    If you live in a battleground state this midterm election, you may be wondering who’s behind those controversial ads where people share their concerns with the nation’s new health care law. But if Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid gets his way, the public will soon know what Americans for Prosperity is, and who its billionaire backers, the Koch brothers are, too.

    “I'm not surprised that he’s doing it,” Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips told "The Fine Print" of Reid’s recent attacks against the conservative group’s chairman David Koch and his brother Charles. “I'm not surprised that he's doing it If you look at his history, his background as really a political slash and burn sort of politician, but this is a calculated strategy.”

    Americans for Prosperity, thanks in part to the financial support of the Koch brothers, is playing a supportive role to Republicans in their fight to win control of the Senate in 2014 with significant ad buys in states with

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  • Power Players

    Matt Damon has played his share of characters facing insurmountable challenges, but one of the biggest challenges the actor has faced yet is his real-life mission to bring toilets and sanitation to the world’s 2.5 billion people who lack access.

    “Every 20 seconds a child dies because they lack access to clean water and sanitation – every 20 seconds – three kids every minute somewhere on Planet Earth, not here,” Damon told “Power Players.” "Our kids aren't going to die from diarrhea, that’s just an inconvenience to us in the West.”

    As the co-founder of Water.org, a non-profit that focuses on bringing clean water and toilets to impoverished communities around the world, Damon said one of the biggest hurdles he faces is getting people in the developed world to understand the severity of the problem.

    “We have this constant struggle of trying to get people to understand this problem of water and sanitation, because it's really hard for us to relate to it in the West,” he said.

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  • The Fine Print

    If Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland has his way, not only will he be a Democratic candidate for president in 2016, but he could even be the opening act for his own campaign rallies.

    When asked about his own presidential ambitions, O’Malley was upfront in acknowledging that he’s considering a 2016 presidential bid: “I've made no secret about the fact that I'm looking at it.”

    While all eyes are currently focused on Hillary Clinton as speculation swirls that the former secretary of state will run in 2016, O’Malley said he doesn’t feel intimidated by the prospect of running against the already well-oiled Clinton campaign machine.

    “I really don't look at it that way,” he said. “But I really look at this journey as a search for the best way forward for our country.”

    Long before he took to the political stage, O’Malley became well-acquainted with the musical stage as the lead singer of an Irish music band that bears his name, “O’Malley’s March.” Still active in the band today,

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