• Power Players

    When you think about airport security these days, do you think about long lines and babies being patted down? Or has your view of the Transportation Safety Administration softened? The man who thinks he has changed the “TSA brand” is retiring.

    “Our protocols were such that we were literally doing a pat down of a 95-year-old great-grandmother with cancer in a wheelchair, because she might be a terrorist,” TSA Administrator John Pistole told “Power Players.” “So, what we've done is replace some of those policies that, frankly, didn't make any sense, with a policy of saying, ‘Let's try to pre-screen as many people as we can.’”

    Pistole said expediting the security process for certain categories of people, such as high-level government employees or those who have undergone screening through TSA pre-check, not only makes the security lines faster; it makes flying safer.

    “There's whole groups of people that are benefiting from these changes we've made, which allows us to be

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  • The Fine Print

    As the wife of a former presidential candidate, Callista Gingrich has some advice for the spouses of 2016 presidential hopefuls.

    “Focus on the positive, try not to let the negativity get you down, because you really have to keep your [attention] on those issues that are most important to the future of this country. And some days that's a challenge,” Gingrich said. “But just be open-minded and appreciate the moment.”

    Gingrich, who is out with a new children’s book, “From Sea to Shining Sea,” said that part of staying positive means steering clear of reading the news if you’re the subject of the report. “Probably avoid that,” she told “The Fine Print” in a joint interview with her husband, Newt Gingrich.

    “We kept begging her,” her husband, the former speaker of the House and 2012 GOP presidential hopeful, chimed in. “Margaret Thatcher had a ground rule: That she never read stories about her. And I think there's a certain virtue to don't get the Google Alerts. … If you look

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  • Politics Confidential

    Donald Trump is coming to Pennsylvania Avenue, and he’s set to arrive in 2016.

    Washington’s iconic Old Post Office building, located just five blocks away from the White House, is the latest addition to Trump’s expansive real estate empire.

    “We're looking to do something really special,” Trump told “Politics Confidential” during an exclusive sneak peek as the building undergoes a $200 million transformation from a largely vacant old post office to a luxury Trump International Hotel . When complete, it will boast a 5,000-square-foot presidential suite and a luxury ballroom that can seat up to 1,000 people.

    “Washington has nothing like what we're going to build; it'll be open in July 2016, if not sooner, so in time for your wonderful ride down Pennsylvania Avenue,” he said in reference to the next presidential inaugural parade set for January of 2017.

    It may not be the White House, but in terms of “pure real estate,” Trump said, his new address at 1100 Pennsylvania

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