• Priebus: GOP hurt by dumb comments; needs to work harder to be competitive in 2016

    Politics Confidential

    Reince Priebus says the GOP needs to work harder to be competitive in the next presidential election in 2016. But those efforts aren’t aided by “hurtful” comments from some in the GOP that have alienated women voters.

    “I don't think any party has a monopoly on dumb things that are said, so I'm not going to sit here and defend those comments,” Priebus tells Politics Confidential.

    Asked specifically about Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant’s recent remark that education in the U.S. has suffered in part because “both parents started working and the mom is in the workplace,” Priebus said he disagrees with the remark but understands what Bryant meant to say.

    “I think he was trying to say that people are busy,” he said. “We've got a lot of pressure on moms that are becoming more and more the breadwinners in our society. And I think he was trying to make an analogy there. Clearly, I don't agree with it.”

    Priebus says one of the major challenges facing the GOP is how to

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  • Bottom Line

    A lot of questions coming in over the past 24 hours about two big stories in the news right now. First, a lot of you had questions about that stunning report out late Wednesday night from The Guardian that the National Security Agency has been collecting phone records for millions of Americans under a top secret court order.

    Irene Miscia Martin wrote in on Facebook: Are they profiling for terroristic activity for the safety of our citizens or being nose-y?

    Samuel Aleman tweeted: Why is this a surprise? Ok we live in a free country with rule of law, but the fact is that 9/11 changed our reality

    I also received a lot of questions about President Obama’s announcement on Wednesday that he will appoint U.N. ambassador Susan Rice as his new national security advisor—an appointment that does not require a senate confirmation.

    Karen Mccaffrey tweeted: Why did he pick her?

    Colin King asked: What are her real credentials?

    And Todd Hamlin wrote in one Facebook: Graham and McCain are

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  • Comedy or tragedy? Washington Goes Shakespearean

    Top Line

    Washington, oh Washington, art thou a tragedy or a jest? That is the question that hung before Members of Congress and journalists who participated in the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s annual “Will on the Hill” play that benefits arts programs for low-income students.

    Before donning a crown and taking part in the comical play himself, Top Line’s Rick Klein posed that very question to fellow “Will on the Hill” participant Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY), who replied: “I don't joke about Washington.”

    “I'm frightened to death for my country,” Rangel said. “I've never seen the polarization that exists and a handful of people are committed to destroy or to stop the president and a party doesn't make sense.”

    Rangel went on to offer some tough words for the Republican Party, saying “that nice people go into Republican conference and they come out mean spirited and not satisfied with themselves.”

    “I predict the end of the Republican Party, maybe not in my lifetime, but soon,” Rangel said.

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