• Could Oswald have been stopped? Untold stories around JFK assassination 50 years later

    Top Line

    Half a century after President John F. Kennedy was shot, the new movie "Parkland" relives history from the perspective of those who were most intimately connected to the president’s assassination in the chaotic hours and days that followed that fateful motorcade ride through downtown Dallas.

    "Parkland" writer and director Peter Landesman told “Top Line” that the film puts the story’s most prominent characters – the president and the first lady – in the periphery of the storyline to focus instead on the less-known and real-life “Shakespearean dramas” that were unfolding all around.

    “For 50 years we've seen this story through the narrative of the murder mystery,” Landesman said. “And we never really thought about those to whom it really happened, who survived the weekend.”

    Though the film avoids dealing with the many conspiracy theories that surround the Kennedy assassination, it does raise the question of whether Lee Harvey Oswald could have been stopped. FBI agent Jim Hosty,

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  • Return to Mogadishu: Former Army ranger revisits ‘Black Hawk Down’ 20 years later

    Power Players

    Twenty years after retired U.S. Army Ranger Jeff Struecker led a squad of elite forces into Mogadishu on a failed rescue mission that inspired the film “Black Hawk Down,” he returned to the site of the battle in Somalia and said the memories of the 17-hour-long firefight came rushing back.

    “When I went back there this spring and turned the corner into the Bakaara Market, immediately the emotions, the smells, the thoughts from Mogadishu came flooding back like I was just there yesterday,” Struecker said.

    Struecker sat down with “Power Players” to discuss a new documentary, “Return to Mogadishu: Remembering Black Hawk Down,” that follows his trip back to Somalia.

    Struecker recalled that the mission -- which took place 20 years ago today and began as an effort to seize key Somali military lieutenants loyal to the self-proclaimed Somali president at the time, Mohamed Farrah Hassan Aidid -- quickly spiraled out of control.

    “The original mission actually, for the first 30

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  • The Fine Print

    Three conservative Republicans at the center of the budget showdown, who were elected in the tea party wave that helped the GOP win control of the House in 2010, say the government shutdown may be a necessary step to highlight the perils of Obamacare.

    "Delay of Obamacare's the right thing for America," said Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Idaho. "I don't know why he couldn't delay Obamacare for one year."

    As the first government shutdown in 17 years intensifies, Labrador and his Republican colleagues, Vicky Hartzler of Missouri and Marlin Stutzman of Indiana, sat down with "The Fine Print" to discuss the shutdown -- and the way forward.

    “In the western hemisphere, we try to find a win-win situation,” said Rep. Marlin Stutzman, R-Ind. “And that's not the way Barack Obama and Harry Reid are negotiating right now.”

    The central issue that President Obama and Democratic leaders in Congress are unwilling to negotiate with Republicans on is changes to the Affordable Care Act, which opened for

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