• All the president’s filmmakers: “Our Nixon” documentary exposes home movies of Nixon’s top aides

    Top Line

    Richard Nixon is viewed historically as one of the nation’s most corrupt presidents, but the new documentary “Our Nixon” uses never-before-seen Super 8 home videos shot by Nixon’s closest aides—H.R. Haldeman, John D. Ehrlichman and Dwight Chapin—to reveal a lighter side of the 37th president of the United States.

    Filmmaker Penny Lane tells “Top Line” she set out to reveal a “nuanced” view of Nixon by pairing the home videos, which were seized by the FBI during the Watergate investigation, with some of the less-heard moments from the Nixon tapes -- Nixon’s secretly recorded meetings and phone conversations.

    “There were almost 4,000 hours of tapes, and so even though a lot of people think we’ve already heard them, we really haven’t,” Lane tells “Top Line.” “With this film, we were really looking to explore less charged and a little bit more nuanced view of the man, but also of his staff.”

    In listening through many hours of the Nixon tapes during the making of the documentary,

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  • Power Players

    The Rev. Bernice King says that 50 years after her father, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech at the March on Washington, his dream is still a work in progress.

    “When he framed the speech he said ‘100 years later the Negro is still not free,’” King tells “Power Players.” “I would argue that 150 years later the Negro is still not free, African-Americans are still not free.”

    King, who describes her late father as a prophet, says he foresaw many of the problems that society is confronting today – as well as the progress that has been made.

    “He knew that if we did not deal with the pressing economic issues, if we did not finish rounding out civil rights issues, the black community, a lot of these things that are visiting us now, would be visiting us,” King says. “He also predicted that we would have an African-American president … 25 years from I think it was 1966 or ’67, so that would have been in the ‘90s. So 10 years later it actually

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  • Gen. Martin Dempsey: Assad’s ‘momentum’ in Syria civil war is ‘unsustainable’

    On the Radar

    The Syrian government seems to have made gains in the country’s civil conflict in recent weeks, taking over more urban areas—and now, new reports point to the use of chemical weapons by the government. But the United States' top general says Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s recent “momentum” is unsustainable.

    “[Assad] appears to be gaining momentum, but I don't think it'll be sustainable,” Gen. Martin Dempsey told "On the Radar" in a sit-down interview recorded before the most recent reports of a major chemical attack.

    Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, described the Syrian war as one that “ebbs and flows” and said that, although Assad may have superior weaponry and has made gains in urban areas, these advantages will not be enough to ultimately defeat the opposing rebels.

    “I don’t think that even were [Assad] to take control of all the urban areas that he would ever be able to completely reduce the opposition, because of the way he’s treated it,”

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