• FBI Director: Some U.S. citizens fighting in Syria, could pose future threat

    Power Players

    Robert Mueller had only been at the helm of the FBI for a week when terrorists successfully launched the biggest attack on U.S. soil since Pearl Harbor. Now, after 12 years of evolving threats against the United States, Mueller is preparing to say goodbye to the agency he has led for so long.

    Even now, he loses sleep over what he described as the viable scenarios in which a terrorist could successfully take down a plane mid-flight, or biological weapons of mass destruction could fall into the hands of a terrorist or terrorist group.

    However, he told "Power Players" that the recent threat that shuttered U.S. embassies overseas seems to have subsided.

    "I think we have thwarted the initial attack plans, but we are monitoring the situation closely to determine whether there are still individuals out there that want to undertake much of the same or type of activity," Mueller told ABC News' Pierre Thomas in a rare interview.

    Meanwhile, Mueller said FBI officials "are

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  • The Fine Print

    In the 11th hour negotiations on Capitol Hill, away from the glare of the media and behind closed doors, there are high-level Congressional staffers working to close the deal.  In many of the nation’s biggest legislative crises in recent memory, Rohit Kumar has been at the table.
    As the chief negotiator for Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell during the Obama administration, Kumar has been so cunning in negotiating for Republican interests that an unnamed White House official recently characterized him as an “evil genius” to The Washington Post.
    “I do think it was intended as a compliment and I don't know who said it," Kumar tells “The Fine Print.” “If a partisan Democrat calls a Republican evil, that's probably intended as a compliment.  ... I don't like to characterize myself as evil, I certainly wouldn't characterize myself as a genius, but I have had some success in trying to help forge some of these deals.”
    Kumar is now leaving his job on Capitol Hill to

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  • Real-life “The Butler”: The White House employee who served from Eisenhower through Obama

    Top Line 

    The president and administration changes every four to eight years, but behind the scenes at the White House, there is a staff of employees who serve the presidents and their families through the years, regardless of who wins the election. 

    Lee Daniels’ new movie, “The Butler,” shines a spotlight on the less-told story of these employees. And in this episode of “Top Line,” we sit down with one White House employee who has worked for every president since Dwight Eisenhower. 

    William Hamilton, who recently retired from his job procuring groceries and other personal items for the first family after 55 years—making him the longest serving White House staff member ever—says he’ll never forget his first day on the job. 

    “I went into the White House and my boss said, ‘Well, look, I want you to wait here.’ And this was in the Diplomatic Reception Room,” Hamilton says, not knowing at that time that the first family enters and exits through that room. But he soon learned when the

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