• Inside Tahrir Square: Meet the voices of the Egyptian protests

    On The Radar

    The protests raging in the streets of Cairo are expected to grow even larger today, following a call from the Egyptian military for its backers to show support for the new government and stop “violence and terrorism.”

    In this special edition of “On the Radar,” we go into central Cairo to bring you the voices of the Egyptian protestors – both those who are calling for President Mohammed Morsi to be returned to power and those who are supporting his ouster and want Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi and the interim government to retain power.

    “It’s not a coup,” says one woman who supports Gen. El-Sissi’s overthrow of Morsi. She says the Egyptian economy has suffered under Morsi’s leadership.

    “Mohammed Morsi, he didn’t make anything for the people,” she says. “We have a lot of people, they didn’t have … any food; they didn’t have enough work.”

    Asked if Morsi should have been allowed to finish his five-year term instead of being removed from power by the military, the woman replies

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  • What is it like to be Muslim in Congress?

    The Fine Print

    Keith Ellison stands out on Capitol Hill.

    The Minnesota Democrat is the first Muslim elected to Congress, and now is only one of two. He leads a progressive caucus in a Republican-controlled House of Representatives. And he’s not afraid to break out the guitar that he keeps in his office, even playing a few chords of a song for his interview with “The Fine Print.”

    When it comes to his religion, Ellison says his fellow members of Congress have generally been respectful but that there have been “a few crazy incidents.”

    “Recently, you know, a member said Muslim Americans are not condemning terrorism enough,” Ellison says, referring to a comment made by Rep. Mike Pompeo, R–Kan., that implied that Muslims were being “potentially complicit” in acts of terror if they did not speak out against them.

    “And I said, 'well, let me guarantee you, Muslims are condemning terrorism every day all the time ...' and I gave him a whole list, and he said, 'Thanks for telling me, I didn't

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  • What the heck is Ted Cruz doing in Iowa?

    Politics Confidential

    Sen. Ted Cruz had never won an election before Texans elected him to the Senate last year, but already the Republican’s travel schedule looks more like that of a presidential candidate than one for a freshman lawmaker, with stops in key battleground states like Iowa, New Hampshire, and Florida.

    Politics Confidential joined Cruz on a recent trip to Iowa — his first visit to the state, in fact— where he insisted that he isn’t looking ahead to the next presidential election in 2016.

    “The politics of it, I'm not going to focus on right now,” Cruz said.

    Cruz said the reason behind his busy travel schedule is to argue in favor of “constitutional liberties” and “free-market principles” around the country.

    “I am working very hard to win the argument, to make the argument to the American people that we need to change course, that the direction this country is on isn't working,” Cruz said.

    Cruz has established himself as an uncompromising conservative voice on Capitol

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