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Joe Biden’s Awkward Joke of the Week

Politically Foul

You know the painful tension of an awkward moment? It's exponentially worse (or better?) when it's a politician. The power players on Capitol Hill had a busy week of gaffes, blunders and missteps and we couldn't help but take a minute to enjoy them.

When Politically Foul MVP Joe Biden leans into the podium, you know things are about to get awkward.  Never one to miss an opportunity for wisecracking,  Mr. Vice President rolled the dice on a sex joke. The only catch….it was about his parents!

"Having your grandpop living with you…having your great aunt and uncle…those walls were awful thin, I wonder how my parents did it," smirked Biden. With such a track record of awkward moments, we shouldn't even be surprised anymore.

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's attempt to gain momentum with the African American vote was thwarted at a NAACP event in Texas this week.  A (nearly) unwavering Romney was met with jeering and boos when he criticized Obamacare and the current administration's efforts for economic recovery.  At one point, an audience member yelled out,  "For real?" Tough crowd. For a guy whose polling numbers are showing him with a bleak 3% of the African American vote, what did Romney expect?

And as the Veepstakes continues, Romney is struggling to avoid running-mate suggestions. When a crowd member suggested controversial Congressman Allan West, Romney chuckled saying, "All suggestions are welcome." Perhaps he would prefer legendary Batman star Adam West? He said he was open at ALL suggestions.

Time flies when you are a busy guy like Herman Cain. Not too busy to make one of his signature gaffes. His latest?  Claiming that Lewis Brown, the homeless ex-basketball player who appeared on Cain's online channel CainTV, died last week. But actually, Brown passed away nearly a year ago. Perhaps Mr. Cain should check his calendar, he is losing track of time.

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