• SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — As we move into wildfire season, a new poll out finds there's one natural disaster that Californians fear even more: earthquakes.

    Maybe its the heightened awareness of natural disasters around the world, but the latest Field Poll finds 57 percent of Californians fear earthquakes, more than twice those that cited wildfires. In the Bay Area, 76 percent of those surveyed listed quakes, while only 10 percent chose fires.

    Listen to the audio report.

    Pollster Mark DiCamillo said they also asked people when they thought the next big quake was coming.

    "Most people believe that it would likely occur within the next 10 years, 56 percent are saying that. That's actually an increase from the last time we asked that five years ago, when 40 percent said that a major earthquake would likely occur within the next decade," said DiCamillo.

    However, this doesn't mean we're any better prepared. In fact, a federal report out this week finds a massive quake on the lower

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  • The first day of summer served up some serious conditions in the Bay Area: a heat advisory and triple-digit conditions added up to danger. It was 101 in Fairfield, 100 in Concord and 101 in Livermore. Ann Notarangelo was in Martinez where some people actually had to be sent to the hospital.

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    By 2:30 Tuesday at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center they already treated eight cases of heat exhaustion, one case of heat stroke, and most of the patients were children.

    Instead of a swimming pool in temperatures hovering near triple digits, some Concord kids were at a tennis camp.

    "At the beginning of the day I felt like I had lots of energy but by the end of the day I felt like sitting on the couch and dying," says Jynessa Vallado.

    On the court it was 120 degrees, in the shade 95. Tennis coach Shane Farley had a plan for the heat.

    "You can tell they are definitely more tired that just means we take more water breaks, sit in the shade as much as possible. We still

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  • Bay Area scientists have developed a new way to look inside a living breathing body. No radiation required. Dr.  Kim Mulvihill reports on how mice are lighting the way.

    In a lab tucked in the basement of the science building at Stanford, researcher Sarah Sherlock has shed new light on an old problem.

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    "I was surprised, I didn't think it was going to look quite like that," she says.

    The head of the lab Prof. Hongjie Dai, he too was stunned.

    "I was really surprised."

    What did the grad student and her team do?

    By using a laser light, an infrared camera, and extremely tiny particles the Stanford researchers developed a way to look deeply and with greater clarity into the workings of a living, breathing body.

    In this case it was a mouse. First the mouse was sedated. Then the mouse was injected with tiny particles called carbon nanotubes. These nanotubes have an unusual quality. If you shine a light on the mouse the nanotubes circulating inside begin to glow. As they

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  • Exclusive: U.S. may use secrets act to stop suit against Iran sanctions group

    Greek businessman and ship owner Victor Restis last year sued UANI for defamation after the New York-based group, whose advisors include former intelligence officials from the United States, Europe and Israel, accused him of violating sanctions on Iran by exporting oil from the country. Restis denies doing illegal business with Iran.

  • 10 fascinating facts about the “I Have A Dream” speech
    10 fascinating facts about the “I Have A Dream” speech

    It was 51 years ago today that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., gave his famous “I Have A Dream” speech as part of the March on Washington. So how much do you know about the speech, and the events that led up to it?

  • Nokia will have its revenge on the smartphone industry
    Nokia will have its revenge on the smartphone industry

    Business Korea has just published a very provocative piece that depicts a monstrous troll attacking its home country’s pride and joy, Samsung. That troll, you’ll be surprised to learn, is Nokia. The reason for this is easy to understand: Samsung may be forced to pay one of the history’s biggest patent royalty sums to Nokia, and fellow Korean electronics titan LG is not scot free, either. What unleashed the beast in the Finnish company was its decision to sell its handset division to Microsoft a while back. As long as Nokia was a phone company, it was bound by a web of cross-licensing deals limiting how much it can charge for its thousands of handset-related patents. Nokia needed to use both essential and

  • Shaun the shaggy Aussie sheep finally shorn smooth
    Shaun the shaggy Aussie sheep finally shorn smooth

    SYDNEY (AP) — Shaun the shaggy Australian sheep has at last been shorn smooth. But the woolly wanderer wasn't the wooliest of them all.

  • Russian troops 'directly involved' in Ukraine conflict
    Russian troops 'directly involved' in Ukraine conflict

    Ukraine and the West said Thursday that Russian troops were actively involved in the fighting tearing apart the east of the country, raising fears of a direct military confrontation between Kiev and its former Soviet master. President Barack Obama led a chorus of international condemnation over the escalating crisis, saying it was "plain for the world to see" that Russian forces were fighting in Ukraine. Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned that Russia's actions "cannot remain without consequences" as the US and Europe raised the prospect of fresh sanctions against Moscow.

  • Joan Rivers 'stable' in New York hospital
    Joan Rivers 'stable' in New York hospital

    Joan Rivers, the acerbic US stand-up comic renowned for her rapier wit, was rushed to hospital on Thursday after suffering complications during a medical procedure, colleagues said. US media said the 81-year-old Rivers stopped breathing while undergoing surgery on her vocal cords at a clinic in New York's Upper East Side and was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital. A spokesman for the New York Fire Department told AFP that officers responded to an emergency call at 9:39 am (1339 GMT) after a woman suffered a possible cardiac arrest. "Our own lovely living legend Joan Rivers is in stable condition at Mt Sinai hospital," tweeted E! journalist Ken Baker.

  • Ukraine accuses Russia of sending in tanks, armor
    Ukraine accuses Russia of sending in tanks, armor

    NOVOAZOVSK, Ukraine (AP) — Ukraine accused Russia on Thursday of entering its territory with tanks, artillery and troops, and Western powers said Moscow had "outright lied" about its role and dangerously escalated the conflict.

  • Quietly, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie say, 'I do'

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Hollywood's first couple, married in France over the weekend following a two-year engagement, ending nearly a decade of fevered tabloid speculation over whether "Brangelina" would ever tie the knot. Pitt, 50, and Jolie, 39, were wed on Saturday in a small chapel at Chateau Miraval, the couple's estate in southeastern France, in a civil ceremony, according to a statement provided by publicist Martin Torres on Thursday.

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