• SAN FRANCISCO (CBS13) — Defining obscenity may have stumped Supreme Court justices, but in San Francisco's Richmond District, Larry Flynt's Hustler Club Truck must put the petal to the metal and go.

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    Girls are inside most Friday and Saturday nights. It's a mobile enticement for the legions of tourists who share the "XY" chromosome.

    But even as the tourist libido retires for the night, so does the truck's driver. For over a month he's been putting on the brakes at 37th Avenue and Balboa. And neighbors are outraged.

    City Supervisor Eric Mar says complaints flew fast and furious.

    "[The truck is] right by the Anza Branch Library and half a block from an elementary school," said Mar.

    So he had the titillating truck towed for expired tags.

    "If you look inside there's a pole so some women can dance around it, as this thing drives around the street," said Mar.

    The truck took a hiatus, but much it came back, this time to 42nd and Geary.

    It's a game of cat and mouse,

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  • DENVER (CBS4) — The crowd auditioning to become members of the next Denver Broncos cheerleading squad on Sunday had one hopeful that definitely stood out.

    Sacha Heppel, a Denver man with no apparent experience as a dancer, was out there shaking his hips and giving it his best shot along with about 300 women at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

    Heppel says he used to have a job standing on a street corner holding a sign advertising a business. It was a job where he used to dance like crazy, and get a lot of attention. On Sunday he showed up at auditions wearing a turquoise shirt and tight fitting black pants.

    Broncos Cheerleaders Director Teresa Shear said the judges on Sunday welcomed Heppel's effort, giving him as much of a chance as any of the women. Like the ladies trying out, Heppel was shown the required turns, leaps, kicks and simple choreography and then performed them in a small group before the judges.
    Heppel didn't make the final cut, but he kept positive, saying he

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  • OAKLAND (CBS 5) — The man charged with shooting seven people to death at a Christian college in Oakland last week said he is "deeply sorry" but acknowledged "that word doesn't help."

    In an exclusive jailhouse interview with CBS 5, the alleged killer, One L. Goh, appeared shaken and remorseful.

    "Families are so angry with me," said Goh, who was interviewed by reporter Juliette Goodrich at the Santa Rita Jail in Dublin. "(But) if I tell them sorry, it doesn't bring anybody back."

    Goh, who declined to enter a plea in his April 4 arraignment, said his lawyer had told him not to discuss the case in detail. But he made no effort to dispute allegations that he was the gunman who entered the campus of Oikos University on April 2 and shot 10 people, seven of whom died.

    According to police and witnesses, Goh ordered students in a nursing class to line up against a classroom wall and shot them, one-by-one, with a .45 caliber pistol.

    "I have a lawyer, and I have told him everything," Goh

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  • Under radar Wawrinka happy to discuss the F-word

    By Greg Stutchbury MELBOURNE (Reuters) - For someone who is the defending champion at Melbourne Park, Stan Wawrinka is remarkably upbeat about the lack of focus falling upon him. The 29-year-old Swiss advanced to the fourth round of this year's Australian Open with a comfortable 6-4 6-2 6-4 win over Finland's Jarkko Nieminen on Saturday and what most people wanted to ask him was 'what about Federer?' "Go for it. Roger?," a grinning Wawrinka said in his post-match media conference when one journalist broached the F-word. Wawrinka had watched most of Federer's match against the 46th-ranked Andreas Seppi on Friday and like virtually everyone else in the tennis world had been surprised at his shock loss.

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