• CONCORD, Calif. —The same SUV that hit and killed a father and his daughter in Concord Easter weekend had been pulled over by police in Walnut Creek a week before the fatal crash, according to the Walnut Creek police log.

    Walnut Creek police recorded in their log that an officer made a traffic stop Friday, March 30, and cited a juvenile for weapons and drugs, and the plate matched that of the Escalade involved in the fatal Concord crash.

    The 17-year-old driver had lost control of his SUV while he was speeding down Treat Boulevard and struck and killed a father and his daughter as they rode their bikes Saturday, April 7.

    It's been more than two weeks, but Steven Pierce said he clearly remembers the night police stopped a white SUV in front of his home on Naranja Drive in Walnut Creek.

    "(I) saw the police, saw a white SUV. They had a dog in the SUV sniffing around, and then the police spent quite a while going through the SUV themselves," Pierce said.

    One week later,

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    VACAVILLE, Calif. — More and more people around the Bay Area are having spring encounters with swarming bees, including students at a Vacaville elementary school where a swarm took over a tree Tuesday.

    Tens of thousands of bees suddenly swarmed a tree in the schoolyard at Foxboro Elementary School in the afternoon, but the incident seemed to arouse more curiosity than fear.

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    "It looked as if there was just a big mass of tan bark or something," said Foxboro sixth grader Emily Fernandez. "It was just kind of lopsided. It wasn't round or anything."

    The swarm of what beekeepers said was approximately 80,000 bees took the school by surprise, but didn't alarm the students.

    "The bees seemed to be very calm and didn't seem to be agitated or attacking or anything," said Foxboro principal Lisa Eckhoff. When asked if it was scary for the kids, Eckhoff replied, "I don't think so. I think it was just a cool learning experience for them."

    No one was stung, and

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  • Outside Lands Festival, the food and music extravaganza in Golden Gate Park is back with a huge lineup. Leading the bill are legends Stevie Wonder, Metallica, and Neil Young. The announcement also sparked a local Twitter frenzy.

    Bay Area residents quickly expressed their approval of the lineup, sending the festival to the top of trending Twitter topics in San Francisco:

    Outside Lands finally bringing it!! -- @superflav

    Pretty killer @sfoutsidelands lineup - @sylviet

    The @SFOutsidelands lineup is savage! Skrillex, Foo Fighters, Beck, Bloc Party. #sogoing #sobrokethismonth -- @kazkiely

    oh man, @sfoutsidelands lineup looks pretty sick -- @sam0kablam0

    Such an awesome way to announce a festival lineup, featuring MC Hammer --@kaithack

    The festival enlisted Bay Area native MC Hammer to tape a hilarious announcement:

    Neil Young and Metallica, also from the Bay Area, are making their first appearance in their "home park." Other acts include Jack White, Foo Fighters, Norah Jones, and Skrillex.

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