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Customers Surprised Over Ingredient Used In Chipotle’s Pinto Beans

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BERKELEY, Calif. -- Chipotle said it would change its menu after customers found out about a secret ingredient, bacon, lurking in some of its beans.

At a Chipotle restaurant on Telegraph Avenue near the UC Berkeley campus numerous people were surprised to hear that the restaurant's beans were not only not vegetarian, they're not kosher.

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With UC Berkeley less than 100 yards away, Chipotle has a steady stream of diners.

One of Chipotle's the main ingredients in pinto beans is a small amount of bacon, according to the company's website.

"I think it's something that we should know," said UC Berkeley student Eliza Supal. "Especially on this campus where people may not eat pork based on their religion or choice."

Braden Granard said he's concerned because he has friends who are kosher.

Muslims and kosher-practicing Jews, even some Christians don't eat pork, so, they couldn't eat Chipotle's pinto beans.

David Kasher is a rabbi at UC Berkeley's Jewish Student Center.

"I should say if you were dying, you could eat it to survive," Kasher said. "Most of our laws can be violated to save a life.

"The restaurant's menu currently says nothing about bacon.

People who ask for vegetarian items are told that the pinto beans have bacon, so they should have the vegan black beans.

KTVU spoke with a Chipotle spokesman Thursday afternoon and he said the company will be changing its in-store menus to say that the pinto beans are made with bacon.

According to the company, this change will happen in the next few months.

Photo caption: FILE: A Chipotle Mexican Grill . (AP /David Zalubowski)

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