$450 pizza sold in Canadian restaurant

Who in their right mind would pay $450 for a pizza? "A very rich person," Nader Hatami, owner of the Steveston Pizza Company tells The Province.

The Vancouver eatery has already sold one of the $450 pies and seven other orders for a $120 version. "I never thought I'd sell so many," Hatami said.

So what exactly do you get on a $450 pizza? Specifically, the high-end meal known as the "C6" comes topped with a thermidor of lobster and black Alaska cod and a side of Russian osetra caviar.

Meanwhile, The Global News adds that the $120 version is topped with roasted garlic, Icelandic scampi, smoked steelhead and lobster ratatouille.

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"The idea was to make a culinary statement," Hatami said. "I don't know if you've tried our pizza but each one is pretty unique."

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the most expensive pizza in the world -- before Hatami's -- was offered by Gordon Ramsey's Maze restaurant for $178. It is topped with onion puree, white truffle paste, fontina cheese, baby mozzarella, pancetta, cepe mushrooms, freshly picked wild mizuna lettuce, and shaved white truffles that run $2,500 a kilo.

Of course, The Steveston Pizza Company offers more economical options for the average customer, with a standard pepperoni pizza starting at just $14.

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And Hatami says there's more to his pricey offerings than expensive ingredients.

"As far as the taste goes, anybody can come up with the right amount of salt and pepper," he said. "To me, good food is the one that feels good after eating it. You don't say, 'Oh, I need to take a nap' or 'Oh, I'm so stuffed.'"

For that, there's always the Pizza Hut cheeseburger-crusted pizza.

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