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  • Here's what happens when Conan O'Brien, Kevin Hart, and Ice Cube take a ride with Lyft, a service that provides rides through a mobile app. Lyft uses regular drivers in their own cars to pick up customers. As cameras roll, a driver who had no idea he was picking up famous passengers does whatever the trio can dream up.

    Not surprisingly, the bit is hilarious. The segment includes a stop at a convenience store for oddly named snack foods, a Wendy's run, and a rap-off. "If you're not sure, the white, freckled guy is the cure," raps O'Brien.

    Clearly the Web is on board — the video has received more than 204,000 views so far. "Now this is how all reality TV should be," Timo Vamio posted on YouTube. "I wanna see this get turned into a sitcom," Tokyo Kazama adds. @KeemBeats tweets, "This might be the best thing ever." @Killah_Kelli agrees, "Pure comedy." (Note: Subject matter is a bit racy.) 

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  • Could board games like chess be just as important to health as physical exercise? (Reuters)

    There are countless exercise programs and dieting apps available these days. But one company says it has created the first fitness program for the mind.

    “We are focused on providing tools and support to help people develop their psychological strengths, what we call mind fitness,” bLife founder Paul Campbell told Yahoo News during a phone interview.

    In other words, having a healthy and engaged mind may be just as important to physical health as diet and exercise.

    Even if we’re reluctant to actually do it, nearly all of us know the basics of getting in good physical shape – staying active, eating healthfully and so on. But the world of mental health is much more complicated, since it’s an area most people focus on only when it comes to mental health problems, many of which are still shrouded in taboo.

    But recent studies suggest there’s a strong connection between mental health and physical health. People suffering from depression are more likely to also develop chronic physical ailments and

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  • Call the piano exorcist — the ivories are possessed.

    A "magical" piano placed in the middle of Chicago's Union Station amused and taunted travelers who happened to pass by. Their reactions were captured on video and then uploaded to the Web.

    The piano prank was pulled off by the folks at Rob Bliss Creative. The piano was rigged so that it could be played remotely by professional musician Andrew Blendermann, who was in a nearby room.

    Rob Bliss explained the ruse's setup to Yahoo News.

    "We had cameras and microphones set up near the piano that feeded back to this secret room where we had speakers and television monitors set up so we could see and hear everything that happened. Also, our pianist had a keyboard that could remotely control the piano at the same time."

    Hilarity, confusion and (in at least one case) rage ensued. Some people (including a young girl) sat down and played along with the seemingly self-aware piano. Others starred at it with suspicion. And one fellow who must have been

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