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  • Feral cats make a nativity scene in Redhook, Brooklyn their temporary home this month. (RLJR News)

    Next stop Noah's ark.

    A group of feral cats has taken over a nativity scene in Brooklyn, N.Y., and not for the first time, DNA Info New York reports.

    The cats recently took up residence in the seasonal holiday display, organized by Brooklyn residents Annette and Susane Amendola. Apparently the cats are drawn to the warm lights (and perhaps the sly wit of the three wise men). Naturally, their appearance draws a crowd of appreciative onlookers.

    It's all in good fun on the days leading up to Christmas (plenty of room in the barn, and all). But what about when baby Jesus makes his appearance on the 25th? Do the cats give the Son of God some room to stretch out in the manger?

    Nope. Jezebel reports that once the statue of baby Jesus is brought out, the cats simply knock the infant from the manger and hang out in the hay. Guess they skipped Sunday school.

    The cats' hostile takeover got us thinking of other scenes that might benefit from their charms.

    Here they are at the moon landing.

     Here they are

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  • There's not a war on Christmas, but in Florida, there's definitely a laugh track. Get ready, Tallahassee, for Festivus.

    For those of a certain age, the word "Festivus" may bring back happier memories than any real-world holiday. Festivus is a creation of the television show "Seinfeld," a holiday "for the rest of us" designed as a protest against rampant commercialism. And now, as the Orlando Sentinel notes, it's the inspiration for a new display in the Florida state Capitol rotunda.

    The rotunda is already home to a nativity scene depicting the birth of Jesus Christ, courtesy of the Florida Prayer Network. Now, thanks to political activist Chaz Stevens, there will be a 6-foot-tall aluminum Festivus pole — specifically, a stack of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer cans — alongside the manger scene.

    Stevens is upfront and unapologetic about his perspective: that a nativity scene does not belong on state property because of the division of church and state. He terms the Festivus display "my ridiculous

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  • University of Oregon students could face criminal charges over a snowball fight that got out of control last week.

    Part of the fight was captured on video and posted to the Web. There, it quickly went viral, racking up millions of views.

    In the video, a large number of students toss snowballs at each other, clearly having a good time. Things take a turn for the unruly when a driver attempts to maneuver a car down the street where the students are gathered.

    Rather than let the vehicle, reportedly driven by former professor Sherwin Simmons, pass by, the students pelted it repeatedly. In addition, one student threw a large bucket of snow on the car. When the professor got out of the car, he was pelted some more, and not in a "isn't this fun" kind of way. 

    According to, a spokesperson for the university Police Department said that a sergeant believes the students may have committed criminal offenses like disorderly conduct and harassment.

    Oregon Ducks football coach Mark Helfrich

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  • Formula One delivers dramatic year of rivalry and tragedy
    Formula One delivers dramatic year of rivalry and tragedy

    Formula One delivered a dramatic year of riveting rivalry, political controversy, human tragedy and financial uncertainty in 2014 as Lewis Hamilton joined the sport’s hall of fame as a double world champion. As Hamilton ended his year as champion, Jules Bianchi remained in a serious condition in hospital after suffering severe head injuries when he crashed in Japan and the sport’s finances, and future were the subject of much speculation. The sale in December of a nose section from a Marussia car, driven by Max Chilton, for £15,000 (pounds sterling) in an online auction sale that followed the team’s collapse was followed by reports that the sport’s commercial owners were struggling to find a leader to succeed 84-year-old ring-master Bernie Ecclestone. At the same time, after a winless season, Ferrari confirmed more staff departures – including the exits of engineering director Pat Fry and chief designer Nikolas Tombazis -- following a year of unprecedented upheaval that saw two-time champion Fernando Alonso, tempted by a massive salary, departing for McLaren.

  • Freed American endured years of declining health
    Freed American endured years of declining health

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Alan Gross spent five years wasting away in a Cuban prison, losing hope that he would ever be free and at one point apparently contemplating suicide. He dropped more than 100 pounds, developed hip problems and lost most of the vision in one eye.

  • Balotelli given one-match ban over racist post
    Balotelli given one-match ban over racist post

    London (AFP) - Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli has been suspended for one match, fined £25,000 ($39,176) and ordered to attend to an education course after making racist and anti-semitic comments.

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