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  • There are safe drivers and then there are safe drivers. Ralph Lendi is clearly one of the safest. The UPS tractor trailer driver has logged more than 7 million miles behind the wheel and has never been in an accident or received a ticket. Not once.

    We first noticed the story over at CBS Chicago, which ran a profile of the 40-year-plus UPS veteran. As that  station's story pointed out, 7 million miles is obviously a big number — but the statistic is even more mind-boggling when put into context.

    A trip to the moon, for example, would take about 239,000 miles. If Lendi were an astronaut, he would have traveled between the Earth and moon more than 29 times. Eat your heart out, Buzz Aldrin.

    A few more numbers to consider — Lendi has worked around 40-plus years. Of course, he didn't work every day of every year, but for the sake of simplicity in mathematics, let's pretend he did. If that were the case, Lendi would have averaged more than 479 miles per day without any problems.

    When asked his

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  • Hamburgler be not proud:

    Three men and one juvenille suspected of auto burglary were arrested by police in Rocklin, Calif., after authorities discovered an online photograph of the foursome posing with $120 worth of Carl's Jr. fast food.

    According to CBS Sacramento, the group purchased a mountain of food, including burgers, fries and shakes, at the restaurant's drive-through window. After one of the employees began taking all the bags of food out to the car, the group asked that the employee take pictures of all the food. 

    Suspicious, the restaurant's manager, Katelyn Hubick, made note of the car's license plate. A short time later, a guest at a nearby hotel discovered that her car had been broken into and her credit card was missing. She learned of the Carl's Jr. charge and alerted police, who contacted the restaurant. The manager reported the unusually large order and the key fact that the hungry crew had posted a photo of their food to Instagram.

    Cue the bum-bum sound effect from "Law

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  • Drug dealers are turning to social media sites like Instagram looking for customers (AFP)

    It turns out the onslaught of selfies aren’t the biggest crime on the hugely popular photo-sharing site Instagram. The site has also recently unwittingly become host to a black market for drug trade.

    A number of individuals have been using Instagram to sell illegal drugs, posting pictures of their product and allowing prospective buyers to contact them through the site. And with reports of the drug sales now making the rounds, Instagram says it has implemented a set of filters to block the illegal activity.

    The Instagram activity may at least partially be in response to the shutdown of the Silk Road site. In October, the FBI shut down Silk Road, a site that had become a hub of illegal sales. Silk Road was primarily used to distribute narcotics but also was a hot bed of illegal sales for weapons and virtually any item someone in the world was willing to pay money for. Earlier this week, a mirror site recently went online attempting to resurrect the Silk Road model.

    An investigation into

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