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  • Preparing for their final jump of the day, two skydivers make their way onto a step outside their Cessna flying 12,000 feet in the air. Below them is a second Cessna.

    As they are about to make their jump, the two planes collide, ripping a wing off one and damaging the other. Miraculously, all nine skydivers and both pilots survived.

    And now there is video of the incident.

    NBC's "exclusive" comes with a caveat: the organization reportedly paid for it, with sources telling the Washington Post the skydivers will receive north of $100,000 for the footage. This so-called "checkbook journalism" is typically frowned upon by news organizations.

    Regardless, the footage is dramatic.

    The pilot of the damaged plane evacuated using an emergency parachute. The other pilot was able to land the plane safely.

    "We were just a few seconds away from having a normal skydive when the trail plane came over the top of the lead aircraft and came down on top of it," instructor Mike Robinson told the Associated

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  • Popping the question is nerve-wracking enough. Mike King went an extra step and played a prank on his girlfriend before the proposal.

    King approached his bride-to-be, Katie Barabas, dressed as a homeless man. A tad bizarre, but with these two, it makes sense.

    The Bethel College students volunteer for the Feed the Homeless ministry through their campus. The pair, who have dated for 11 months, often give out free pizza in downtown South Bend, Ind., to regulars who can use a hot meal.
    “We love going there,” the 22-year-old King told Yahoo News. “It’s one of our favorite locations.”
    King asked his friend and filmmaker Cody Clemons to record his transformation from nervous boyfriend to mysterious homeless man.
    The day after Halloween, in front of a camera, King had his head shaved, put on a mask, wig, dark glasses, and several extra shirts. He then made his way to the ministry.

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  • It's been a mystery for nearly a hundred years. Now, the question of how King Tutankhamun died may have finally have been answered.

    Easily the most well-known of the Egyptian Pharaohs, King Tut died at the age of 18 or 19 more than 3,000 years ago. But was he killed? Did he die accidentally? Was there some medical issue?

    Turns out, it was likely a case of a chariot race gone bad.

    Researchers recently had the opportunity to study the body, which was discovered in 1922, and came to two intriguing conclusions.

    First, Tut was likely killed in a chariot race when he fell from his ride. Experts, performing a "virtual autopsy" found that Tut's injuries were consistent with someone whose body was smashed by a chariot. His ribs and pelvis were shattered and his heart was crushed.

    And second, his body was burned due to a botched mummification and embalming procedure that caused the flesh to spontaneously combust.

    Via The Independent:

    Researchers discovered that embalming oils combined with oxygen
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  • China closes 66 'illegal' golf courses
    China closes 66 'illegal' golf courses

    China's Communist rulers have turned against the exclusive sport of golf with the government saying nearly 70 "illegal" courses have been closed, seemingly enforcing a decade-old ban for the first time. The announcement by the ministry of land and resources comes amid a high-profile anti-graft campaign spearheaded by President Xi Jinping, which has seen crackdowns on banquets, lavish gift-giving and other official excesses. The ruling Communist Party has long had an ambivalent relationship with golf, which is a lucrative opportunity for local authorities and a favoured pastime of some officials, but is also closely associated with wealth and Western elites. "Presently, local governments have shut down a number of illegally-built golf courses, and preliminary results have been achieved in clean-up and rectification work," read the announcement on the ministry's website late Monday.

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